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Massachusetts Defendants: Don't Bother Avoiding Process Servers!

Many people think they can avoid a Massachusetts action for divorce by avoiding a process server. After all,Service of Process.jpg a Massachusetts divorce can't officially commence until the defendant has been given proper notice.

Massachusetts Landlords: Don't Get Into Hot Water With Your Tenant!

Many Massachusetts landlords are unaware that before charging tenants for hotWater Bill.jpgwater and sewer service, they must comply with the requirements of the Massachusetts Water Sewer Sub-Metering Law.

How to Manage a Child's Medical Care After Massachusetts Divorce

In a Massachusetts divorce, it is crucial that parents handle medical care decisionsChild Health Care.png for their children with attention and clarity to ensure that they continue to receive the treatment they need.

Reasons Massachusetts Landlords May Evict Tenants

Apt Building 1.jpg
Massachusetts landlords may only evict tenants for the following reasons:
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Violations of lease provisions
  • Nuisance/damage to unit
  • Illegal activity such as drug use
  • Refusal to agree to lease extension or renewal
  • Failure to provide access
  • Subtenant not approved by landlord
  • Landlord requires premises for housing for family member
  • Post-foreclosure and occupant refuses to pay fair market rent

Whether you are a tenant or landlord faced with an eviction problem, contact the Law Offices of Renee Lazar at 978-844-4095 to schedule a FREE one hour no obligation consultation to learn of your rights.

Text Slang All Massachusetts Parents Should Know

Written communication among Massachusetts kids and teens today has morphed into such aTeen Lingo.jpg confusing mixture of acronyms and emojis that it can almost make hieroglyphics more easily understood.

Massachusetts Tenants May File a Counterclaim Against Landlord During Eviction

Massachusetts tenants in eviction ("summary process") cases have the option ofHome.jpg suing the landlord who is trying to evict them, in an action known as a counterclaim. A counterclaim, is a lawsuit brought against the party who first filed the lawsuit. Counterclaims are permitted in eviction cases brought for a tenant's failure to pay rent or a no-fault eviction. Counterclaims are not permitted for cause evictions (ex. violating the terms of a lease).

Massachusetts Divorce: It's a Business Deal, So Keep Emotions Out of It!

Ending a Massachusetts marriage can be painful and emotionally difficult. In fact,Stress - Unstress.jpg many parties experience depression, anxiety, grief, anger, and stress while going through the divorce process.

Tenants: How to Handle Unsafe Conditions in Your Massachusetts Apartment

Unsafe conditions in a Massachusetts apartment is an unfortunate reality for many tenants andDanger Warning.jpg landlords owning rental property. Buildings by nature get old and need repair, and despite the efforts of even the best landlords, unsafe conditions in an apartment can arise.

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