What Issues Are Decided in a Massachusetts Divorce?

| Jan 7, 2015 | Children, Divorce |

The goal of the legal process of divorce in Massachusetts is to end the marriage and decide issues such as:

  • custody of the children
  • support for the children
  • parenting plan
  • division of assets (for example, pensions, stocks)
  • alimony (support for the spouse)
  • division of personal property (for example, household furnishings, car)
  • division of real property (what happens to the marital home)
  • division of debts (for example, credit cards, student loans)
  • college expenses 
  • health insurance

A divorce judgment can be based on an agreement between the parties or result from a trial.  A mutual agreement is usually less stressful and less expensive than an trial.

Most cases are resolved without a trial.

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