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April 2015 Archives

Parental Alienation Signs and Symptoms

With divorce seemingly always on the rise and the number of unwed couples having children, the number of contested child custody cases is definitely growing. And with that, there has also been a rise in concerns over parental alienation issues.

New Studies Confirm Benefits of Joint Custody in Massachusetts Cases

New research has explored the impact of various custody arrangements and the data highlights the value of joint custody, both for parents and especially for children. This year, three separate and independent groups revealed the results of decades of research and found that shared parenting is better for children in nearly every case. Despite this overwhelming evidence, the numbers show that in almost 80 percent of divorce cases, one parent (often the mother) is awarded sole custody.

When to Leave Your Children Home Alone

Eventually every parent is faced with the question of whether his or her child is old enough to begin staying home alone. When older children are placed in situations of independence that they can handle, it can help them learn responsibility. However, asking too much too soon is dangerous and hold consequences for the child and the parent.

Educational Degrees and Licenses Are Not Property Subject to Division Upon a Divorce

A not uncommon problem exists "when one spouse works to support the other spouse while the latter studies for and obtains a professional or other degree which leads to a career offering greater financial rewards than the spouse would otherwise expect."

When Can Paternity Be Established

Under G.L. chapter 209C, § 14, the mother, but not the father is allowed to file a court case while she is pregnant. Paternity, however cannot be legally established until the child is born even though the father and the mother-to-be agreed verbally or in writing that she is  pregnant with his child. 

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