Access to Student Records by Non-Custodial Parents in Massachusetts

| Aug 19, 2015 | Children |

Regardless of a parent’s legal custodial status, each parent has the right to have access to all educational records of their children pursuant to G.L. ch. 208, § 31 and G.L. ch. 71, § 34H unless the school or district has been given documentation that:

1. the parent has been denied legal custody or has been ordered to supervised visitation, based on a threat to the safety of the student and the threat is specifically noted in the order pertaining to custody or supervised visitation, or

2. the parent has been denied visitation, or

3. the parent’s access to the student has been restricted by a temporary or permanent protective order, unless the protective order (or any subsequent order modifying the protective order) specifically allows access to the information contained in the student record, or

4. there is an order of a probate and family court judge which prohibits the distribution of student records to the parent.

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