Remember the Children When Drafting a Parenting Plan in Massachusetts

| Oct 21, 2015 | Children |

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When a couple files for divorce in Massachusetts, the process is almost always an emotional one. Though there’s property that must be divided and accounts that need to be split. But, when it comes to your children, the issues of custody and a parenting plan can be difficult for both spouses.

When drafting a parenting plan, you should aim to place the best interest of the child first. Unfortunately anger and resentment can get in the way. Couples can become too focused on what they want and not what their children want or need.

Moreover, a child’s needs can change as they grow and often these parenting plans do not take this fact into account. 

Child custody is determined according to a parenting plan which is a document that sets guidelines for how the children will live their lives. The plan divides the amount of time each parent will spend with the children and also outlines which parents make the critical decisions that can affect the child’s life.

As a parent, you have to work hard to keep the lines of communication open with your children. Give them the ability to voice their opinions regarding how the parenting plan is affecting them, whether that’s for the good or for the bad.

Do everything you can to make the schedule that dictates so much of their life work for them as well as you and your former spouse.

If you find yourself facing the prospect of a separation, divorce, child support, parenting plan or child custody issue, you need the help of an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney to guide you through the difficult process. 

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