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November 2015 Archives

11 Financial Clues That Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

Dollar bill.jpgMost of the time, changes in financial behavior accompany classic non-money signs of marital trouble: lack of communication, stress, physical separation, arguments, and isolation. But it helps to be on the lookout for financial signs on their own.

Don't Stay Together For Our Sake, Say Children

Wooden Family.jpgNew polling has found that around eight out of ten children and young people with experience of parental separation or divorce would prefer their parents to split up if they are unhappy, rather than stay together.

Infographic: Tips on Getting Ready for a New Relationship After Divorce

In order to start a fresh new relationship just follow some simple tips like leaving behind your memories, improving your self esteem, actively taking part in social activities, love yourself and explore every opportunity of meeting new people. Getting-ready-for-a-new-relationship-after-divorce-468x1024.pngShould you be in the midst of a divorce or contemplating divorce, contact the Law Offices of Renee Lazar either by email or telephone 978-844-4095, to schedule a Free one hour no obligation consultation.

Military Spouses: Do Not Overlook the Thrift Savings Plan as a Valuable Asset

Military 2.jpgThe military retirement system does not end with the pension and the survivor benefit plan. Not to be overlooked is the third deferred compensation attribute to the system, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). This can be a valuable asset in property division, potentially containing tens of thousands of dollars of marital funds. 

Guardianship of a Minor: Who Will Represent the Guardian?

Bad parenting.jpgIn the case, Guardianship of V.V., the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that biological parents in private guardianship cases now have the right to free legal counsel in the probate court. In contrast, who will represent the guardian?

Life Insurance to Secure Alimony and Child Support Payments

Life Insurance 3.jpgIt's unfortunately common for people going through a divorce to fail to plan appropriately to secure their future. As the saying goes, failing to plan often amounts to planning to fail. Though it can be hard to think through every eventuality, there are some relatively straightforward steps you can take to ensure you and your family are protected in case something bad should happen.

Will a Massachusetts Court Consider High Living Expenses When Determining One's Ability to Pay Child Support?

Clowny.jpgThe Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts looks at the payor's gross income from all sources when calculating one's child support obligation.

How Driving Under the Influence May Affect Child Custody Cases

Handcuffs and drink.jpgThose who have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) understand the serious costs that can be associated with such charges. DUIs are expensive, as they lead to a loss of driving privileges, potential fines, increased insurance premiums, and even possible jail time. Besides all these troubles, can drunk driving charges also lead to trouble in a child custody dispute?

Infographic: Holiday Guide for Newly Divorced Parents

One of the biggest challenge that is faced by the newly divorced parents in Massachusetts is the handling of their first holiday after the divorce. In order to enjoy a stress free holiday the divorced parents can use some simple yet effective tips which include acting in the best interest of the children, making new memories, involving children in decision making, planning in advance, avoiding the guilt trip, being realistic and cooperating. 

Creative Divorce Solutions in Massachusetts

Child with flower.jpgDivorce is a fact of life for nearly half the population these days. But many splitting couples are finding new solutions to raising their children without breaking up their lives or their bank accounts.

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