Family Health Insurance Following Massachusetts Divorce

| Nov 21, 2016 | Divorce |

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Before divorcing your spouse in Massachusetts, it is important to examine your family’s health insurance situation to avoid losing coverage for you and your children. Because health coverage is such an important benefit, some divorce decrees stipulate that a spouse who provided health coverage for the other spouse or family during the marriage must continue to provide such coverage following a divorce. This is especially true if the other spouse didn’t work outside the home and has no immediate access to health insurance. Neither an insurer nor an employer can deny such court-ordered coverage when children are involved.

If you or your spouse do not have a company insurance policy to look to, insurance coverage may be found through a private healthcare insurer or through the Affordable Care Act healthcare marketplace, the latter designed to offer more affordable options based on your income. There is an annual open enrollment period to sign up for health insurance, however a life-changing situation such as a divorce may qualify you to sign up throughout the year.

Despite the healthcare marketplace offering lower-priced premiums, many feel that they still cannot afford insurance for their families. Some are turning to faith-based organizations to cover their medical expenses instead of buying traditional insurance. The ministries, which operate outside the insurance system and aren’t regulated by states, provide a health-care cost-sharing arrangements among people with similarly held beliefs. Their membership growth has been spurred by an Affordable Care Act provision allowing participants in eligible ministries to avoid fines for not buying insurance.

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