Infographic: Why a Massachusetts Marriage Falls Apart

| Nov 11, 2016 | Divorce |

The reasons couples divorce in Massachusetts are as varied and different as the individuals involved. However, upon closer examination, it seems that there is often a common thread as to why the breakdown occurred.

In a recent survey 1,000 divorcees were interviewed in order to better understand how a marriage ends up falling apart.

The research showed that the top 10 reasons given for divorce were:

1 – infidelity

2 – we were unhappy

3 – we argued too much

4 – we fell out of love

5 – we didn’t communicate anymore

6 – we wanted different things

7 – they changed

8 – we didn’t feel like partners anymore

9 – they were abusive, and

10 – we had money problems

The results clearly show that divorce is not something that couples enter into lightly. In fact, those surveyed stated that, on average, they thought about divorcing their spouse for 2 years before it actually happened.

The rest of the findings are displayed in the infographic below.


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