Snapchat as Evidence in a Massachusetts Divorce

| Dec 7, 2016 | Evidence |

Snapchat 1.jpg

Snapchat in particular has become a fertile source of evidence not to be overlooked as evidence in a Massachusetts divorce.

Snapchat is a photo- and video-messaging app that’s different from other apps in that all photo and video messages on Snapchat (referred to as “snaps”) last for only a short amount of time and then disappear.

Because much of a Snapchat user’s life is captured and transferred through the app, it has become an important source of evidence. 

Personal injury lawyers, divorce attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, and more could all benefit from evidence found through Snapchat.

Some Snapchat evidence is retained when users take screenshots of snaps and Snapchat itself keeps logs of previous snaps. But even deleted snaps don’t necessarily disappear; digital forensics experts can still pull them from the phone. 

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