Purpose of Parenting Plans in Massachusetts

| Jan 18, 2017 | Parenting Plans |

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A “parenting plan” is a plan for parenting a child, including allocation of parenting functions, which is incorporated into a final decree or decree of modification including an action for dissolution of marriage, annulment, or paternity.

“Parenting functions” means those aspects of the parent-child relationship in which the parent makes decisions and performs functions necessary for the care and growth of the child. Parenting functions include:

  • maintaining a loving, stable, consistent, and nurturing relationship with the child;
  • attending to the daily needs of the child, such as feeding, clothing, physical care, grooming, supervision, health care, day care, and engaging in other activities which are appropriate to the developmental level of the child and that are within the social and economic circumstances of the particular family;
  • attending to adequate education for the child, including remedial or other education essential to the best interest of the child;
  • assisting the child in developing and maintaining appropriate interpersonal relationships;
  • exercising appropriate judgment regarding the child’s welfare, consistent with the child’s developmental level and family social and economic circumstances; and
  • providing for the financial support of the child.

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