How to Calculate Retirement Pay For Active Duty Service members in Massachusetts

| Jun 9, 2017 | Military Divorce |

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The current military retirement system is a defined benefit system. Service members who serve honorably for 20 years become vested in the retirement system. When active-duty Service members retire, they receive a monthly pension calculated by multiplying the average of the service member’s highest three years of continuous pay (the retired pay base) by 2.5% times the years of service (the retired pay multiplier).

For example, assume that John Doe is an E-7 who served for at least three years as an E-7 and has a total of 21 creditable years. He retires in 2016 and his “high-3” (retired pay base) is $4,423.80. John’s retired pay multiplier is 21 years of service x 2.5 = 52.5%. This means that he would receive retired pay based on 52.5% of his high three basic pay, or $2,322.50 per month.

Whether you are the service member or military spouse, knowing your rights and responsibilities is essential should you be contemplating divorce in Massachusetts.

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