How to Manage a Child’s Medical Care After Massachusetts Divorce

| Sep 20, 2017 | Children |

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In a Massachusetts divorce, it is crucial that parents handle medical care decisions for their children with attention and clarity to ensure that they continue to receive the treatment they need.

These 3 points are key for any Massachusetts divorcing parent to know about managing a child’s medical care after divorce.

Managing Health Insurance

In a Massachusetts divorce a decision must be made as to which parent will provide their child with health insurance. If you and your co-parent are provided with group coverage through your employers at a reasonable cost, your child may be able to be listed on one of these plans. For parents who cannot afford health insurance for their children Mass health is a viable option.

Handling Co-Pays and Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

As part of managing a child’s medical care after divorce, a decision is typically made about how co-pays and other out of pocket medical costs will be handled. In most cases, parents will split these costs equally or in some other ratio that is determined. One parent, however, will typically have to pay that fee up front when it is due, and the other parent will reimburse their portion to the parent who paid.

In this situation, parents need a solid method of reimbursement to ensure better that payments are made and are thoroughly documented each time. 

Caring For Your Child At Home

Many children have particular health concerns that parents need to be mindful of and must be treated at home. When your family was all living in one home, you may have had a solid handle on care procedures for your child. Now, both you and your co-parent must be individually mindful of your child’s health concerns. Keep each other informed of all relevant medical details concerning your child. This includes past conditions as well as any upcoming appointments, incidents that take place, etc. Be sure that both of your homes are stocked with particular medications, equipment, foods, or anything else that your child will need when they are staying with either of you.

Have your child’s health insurance information, doctor’s contact information, and other emergency contact details on hand in both homes. Also, it may be a good idea to inform your child’s doctor and other healthcare providers of your Massachusetts divorce and provide them with permission to communicate with both you and your co-parent about your child’s medical care. Finally, if you and your co-parent are going to continue making joint decisions about your child’s medical care, do so. Don’t keep each other in the dark about decisions or make big choices without involving the other parent. Have a plan in place for how you will communicate and handle big healthcare choices for your child.

Managing a child’s medical care after divorce is a crucial task that must be handled by both parents responsibly. 

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