Lack Funds to Fight Your Massachusetts Divorce? Divorce Finance Could Be The Solution

| Sep 4, 2017 | Divorce |

As the Massachusetts divorce process begins, it’s not uncommon for the spouse with the financial power during the marriage to declare war against their former partner by cutting off credit cards, hiding assets and hiring the most litigious attorney. This could send their estranged partner into a financial and emotional tailspin.

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Those who can’t bear the cost of the battle, often “surrender,” reluctantly agreeing to a sub-par settlement, all because he or she can’t afford the steadily mounting bills or can’t take the stress of protracted litigation with someone who can afford to litigate a case to death. 

Divorce funding can “level the playing field,” enabling litigants to fund their attorney and expert fees while maintaining their standard of living. In Massachusetts, divorce lawyers are not allowed to represent clients for a share of whatever they are awarded (a “contingency fee arrangement”). However, such an arrangement is not prohibited of financiers. 

A business niche has emerged to provide financing for those without the immediate means to fund the legal battle. This levels the playing field significantly against the well-known tactic of wealthy husbands or wives dragging on divorce proceedings and costs ad infinitum until their spouse runs out of money and are forced to concede. With independent financing, these individuals can pursue settlements they might not otherwise have been able to attain.

For example, New Chapter Capital provides non-recourse advances to cover certain expenses associated with divorce proceedings, and the advances can be used to pay legal fees, expert costs and reasonable personal expenses. Divorce funding from New Chapter Capital provides individuals with access to legal and other divorce services for which no repayment is required unless and until a settlement is reached. 

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