Types of Reasonable Accommodations Available to Massachusetts Employees

| Sep 5, 2017 | Employment Law |

About one in every five Americans reports having a disability, according to results from a new nationwide survey.

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About one in eight adults say they have mobility limitations, such as difficulty walking or climbing stairs, making this the most common type of disability, according to the report. The next most common disability is in thinking and/or memory, followed by problems with independent living (such as difficulty running errands and visiting the doctor without help), vision and self-care (such as self-bathing or dressing), according to the report.

Based on experience, these are the types of workplace accommodations that are typically requested:

  • Modifying schedules or allowing flex time and/or remote work
  • Making the workplace or work station accessible for someone returning to work with a change in mobility or range of motion
  • Modifying or creating policies enabling a person to bring their service animal into the workplace
  • Assistive technology such as screen readers for someone who is blind
  • Purchasing a service for someone who is deaf and requires an interpreter, closed captioning, phone with captioning, and/or computer-aided transcriptions
  • Restructuring a job for someone on the autism spectrum where a minor portion of the job requires strong communications skills
  • Adjusting the work location to one with fewer distractions for individuals with attention, learning, or other conditions that are aggravated by noise and interruptions
  • Reassignment to another position for someone whose disability has caused them to be unable to perform the essential functions of their current job.
  • Adjusting the supervisory method to enhance productive communication
  • Ensuring effective means of communication for individuals with hearing loss or safe means of egress for individuals with mobility impairments during emergency evacuation process.

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