Infograghic: #MeToo: Facts About Sexual Harassment in the Massachusetts Workforce

| Mar 13, 2018 | Employment Law |

The #MeToo and Time’s Up Now movement is sparking much debate across the country, and your Massachusetts workplace is no exception. But just how prevalent is sexual harassment in companies across the U.S.? The infographic below highlights key findings from a recent CareerBuilder survey. 

When you call us to discuss a potential sexual harassment claim, we listen with care and compassion. We also pledge to address your concerns honestly, presenting an accurate portrayal of what you can expect as you move forward. Attorney Lazar will offer guidance on how to handle your current job, as appropriate, and will explain the process of filing a claim. With our experience, we know that confronting the issue of sexual harassment is very difficult and extremely personal. That is why we take the time to help you weigh the benefits of filing your claim, including the compensation you could receive, whether your job could be restored, and other positive outcomes. You deserve to be well-informed before making a decision about how to proceed. We are here to help you and charge no attorneys’ fees unless you collect compensation.

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