Infographic: Sharenting or Parenting: What Kind of Massachusetts Parent Are You?

| Jul 13, 2018 | Children |

You might not be familiar with the term, but chances are either you or your Massachusetts friends are “guilty” of it. Sharenting refers to parents oversharing information and pictures of their children on social media. Sounds a little bit more familiar now, doesn’t it? This infographic looks at sharenting and parenting so you can see what kind of parent you are.

Sharenting Or Parenting? What Kind Of Parent Are You?

Many parents going through a divorce or paternity case, opt to include a social media clause in their parenting plan. 

A sample clause might include the following:

Both parents consent and agree that neither party will post pictures of the minor child on the Internet, particularly on chat room sites or personal webpages such as or other similar pages, nor will either party post personal information about the minor child on any such web pages, including but not limited to the child’s name, date of birth where he/she lives, the school she/he attends, or activities in which he/she is involved.

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