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Fewer Massachusetts Marriages = Fewer Massachusetts Divorces

Have you heard that statistic that half of all marriages will end in divorce? It'sMarriage Proposal.jpg wrong. Even if that many marriages ever did disintegrate at one point, they don't now. Divorce is on the decline and has been since the 1980s in America (when that 50% divorce statistic took hold). Experts now put your chances of uncoupling at about 39% in the U.S. This sounds like such promising news. Families are sticking together! But in practice, this does not mean more people are living happily ever after. 

What's New With the Child Tax Credit After Tax Reform For Massachusetts Parents

Many Massachusetts parents claim the child tax credit to help offset the cost ofTax Filing.jpg raising children. Tax reform legislation enacted last year made changes to that credit. Here are some important things for taxpayers to know about the changes to the credit.

How Our Careers Affect Our Massachusetts Children

What working Massachusetts parent hasn't felt guilty about missing soccer gamesWork Life Balance 1.jpg and piano recitals? When there are last-minute schedule changes at work or required travel to a client site, it's normal to worry that you're somehow permanently scarring your little one.

5 Essential Tips For Saving For Your Massachusetts Kid's College Education

$216,000. That's what a 4-year degree at a Massachusetts state college is estimated to cost iCollege Savings 2.jpgn 2035, assuming tuition continues to increase at the current annual rate of six percent. Send your Massachusetts kid to a private institution instead, and you can expect to shell out as much as $484,000 ⏤ a number so outrageous that you'd be forgiven if, upon reading it, you decided to skip saving for your kid's education altogether. Why bother?

Want a Better Massachusetts Marriage? Delete Your Instagram!

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has exploded in popularity. Today 35 percentSocial Media 6.jpg of Americans use it, making it the third biggest social media platform, behind only Facebook and YouTube. Despite its prominence, research into Instagram's effect on users is still young. While sociologists and psychologists have picked apart Facebook's effect on its audience since the late 2000s and early 2010s, Instagram studies only started appearing in recent years.

Playing Video Games May Increase Risk of Massachusetts Divorce

A recently published study suggests that over half of Americans ages 18-49 plaVideo Game.jpgy video games. But while gaming is more prevalent than ever, it remains mired in misconceptions. These stereotypes can plague marriages, particularly if one spouse games regularly and the other doesn't.

Why Massachusetts Men Lie More Than Women

Massachusetts men lie more than women during business negotiations, but notLiar.jpg because they're necessarily more dishonest. It could be that they're just more competitive, a new study found that men are more likely to act unethically in situations of high intrasexual competition. 

7 Signs You Might Be a Massachusetts Helicopter Parent

The term "helicopter parent" was first coined in 1969 when it was used to describeHeliocopter parenting 1.jpg parents who, well, hover over their kids. Almost 50 years later, the term has earned a place in common vernacular, code for parents who govern every aspect of their kids' lives. It's more than a bad habit with a catchy name: parents who always look over their kids' shoulders may be unwittingly preventing them from practicing emotional and behavioral control on their own.

Self-Awareness is Key to a Happy Massachusetts Marriage

Anyone who's been in any long-term relationship in Massachusetts knows the feeling of cominRelationship 5.jpgg home and seeing that the garbage hasn't been taken out, the sink is piled up with dishes, the floor is littered with a week's worth of underwear. And, taking the sight in, it's all that person can do to hold themselves back and not blow up. But the blowing up isn't the issue. It's why these things make them want to blow up in the first place. After all, is dirty underwear really something to lose control over? Or does it speak to a larger issue that person might have with their partner?

Is a Massachusetts Divorce Bad for Kids Too Young to Remember Having Married Parents?

A Massachusetts divorce is a classic excuse for prepubescent antics and teenageFamily 20.jpg apathy. It's the prime mover of malfunction, the subject floundering twenty-somethings dig in on with their therapists. But not all "children of divorce" have the same experiences. Babies and toddlers of divorce don't have the opportunity to internalize marital strife. Divorced parents making it work becomes their status quo. As such, divorce has a very different effect on that specific population.

7 Seemingly Harmless Phrases to Never Say to Your Spouse Around the Kids

While they meant well, whoever said "It's not what you say, it's what you do thatParent Phrases.jpg matters most" never had kids. Massachusetts kids learn a lot about how communication is supposed to work from observing you and your spouse interact with one another. If you're caustic? They'll be caustic. If you're angry? They'll probably be angry. If you use bad words, they'll use bad words. Of course, this also applies to less obvious territory: toss-away phrases you might say.

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