How to “Let Go’ of Unhealthy Massachusetts Relationships

| Dec 13, 2019 | Relationships |

Massachusetts relationships of any kind can be difficult to maintain at times. We can expect there to be up and downs that we may face. Because relationships require the interactions of more than one person, we cannot control various components.

When it comes to self-care, we might not always think about relationships with other people. However, healthy relationships can serve as potential outlets for social interactions. These interactions in turn can be utilized as healthy coping methods and self-care.

Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy or easy to remove ourselves from.

Here are four techniques that are useful to get through the proces of “letting go.”

Be Honest. Its easier to be honest with yourself than it is with others at times.

This can be very difficult as the heart would have us to believe that love equals healthy. It may take some time for you to allow yourself to be able to feel your emotions but also understand that you must care for yourself first by removing the unhealthy relationship from your life. This takes time, so don’t feel rushed.

Remember This Is a Process. You have heard that this is a process repeatedly. However, it is. Your new reality will take time to acknowledge, heal and create. How fast things go will depend on your emotions and how well you can or cannot navigate things now. No one else has control over that aspect.

Take your time in allowing your emotions to settle. It can become easy to attach yourself to someone else too soon while you are attempting to move forward.

Talk About It. This may be a very personal matter that you want to keep to yourself. You may feel ashamed and are beating yourself up for being in the situation. You may also wonder what others would think of you if you share. However, reaching out to someone else could provide you with additional insight that could be helpful for you.

It’s Okay If You Are Not Okay. “Letting go” can hurt. You are moving into another phase in life and that’s not always easy. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to take a moment to yourself, then take a moment to yourself. Its perfectly okay to be emotional, up and down, and to cry here and there. Remember, if it becomes too much for you emotionally, consider speaking with a therapist or life coach.

At the end of the day, this is life and life can be unpredictable sometimes. It doesn’t feel good all the time and that is okay. Just remember to reach out when you need to and take your time when you must. There is no quick fix in moving on in life from unhealthy relationships and the emotions attached to them. The best thing you can do is do what is best for you during that moment which is caring for yourself first.

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