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May 2020 Archives

How to Care for Massachusetts Children During Down-Turned Economy in Massachusetts

Is our down-turned economy having an effect on divorce in Massachusetts? WhileDivorce - Money - Stress.jpg it's too early for statistical evidence, reports from marriage counselors and divorce attorneys around the globe are in agreement. They're finding many couples who were ready to call it quits are postponing the divorce decision due to financial reasons. In the U.S., with housing values at near-record lows, wide-ranging cuts in salaries and a dramatic rise in unemployment rates, many couples are just not divorcing because they are afraid they can't afford it.

Why Massachusetts Men Pull Away From Their Spouses

There's an incessant pace to running a Massachusetts household. Kids need toDivorce and Bandaid.jpg get dressed. Garbage has to be on the curb, and bills have to get paid. But the work never stops. Often, complaining ramps up, and downtime and personal space essentially disappear.

How To Choose a Legal Guardian For Your Massachusetts Children

Choosing a legal guardian - the person, or people, who, in the event of you andChildren 42.jpgyour spouse's deaths, will take care of your Massachusetts children is one of the most difficult decisions Massachusetts parents must make when writing a will and planning their estate.

6 Ways The Coronavirus Can Infect Your Massachusetts Divorce

It seems the ripple effect of coronavirus has infected everything, and divorcingVirus 2.jpg Massachusetts individuals are not immune. The most apparent impact is that most, if not all, courthouses are closed except for emergencies. This may delay your divorce, along with applications for temporary support and custody. There are other less obvious issues as well. Here are six areas you need to re-assess when going through a divorce, along with actions to prepare and protect yourself.

Massachusetts Divorce Dilemma: Settle or Go to Trial?

While most Massachusetts divorcing partners strive to make the divorce process as quick andTax Credit-thumb-300x200-115621.jpgpainless as possible, sometimes it's just not that easy. What do you do when things aren't going your way-your spouse wants more than his or her fair share of the assets, or proposed custody arrangements aren't agreeable to you, for example? Should you roll the dice and go to trial, letting a judge decide the issues? Or what if you just can't get your spouse to the negotiating table? Is continued litigation a good option?

Job Promotion for Massachusetts Women Likely to Cause Divorce

According to recent research women who received big promotions blog-img.jpgwere more likely to get divorced. Researchers examined men and women employed by private businesses with 100 employees or more and found that married women were twice as likely to divorce three years after a CEO-level promotion when compared to male colleagues.

7 Steps for Maximizing Your 529 Plan for Massachusetts College Students

A 529 plan is a great option for Massachusetts families looking to save money forCollege 11.jpg their child's education. With college tuition rising so fast - up 168 percent over the last 20 years, according to U.S. News - it's more important than ever to plan your finances carefully.

IRS Tax Tip: Married Couples: Filing Jointly Or Separately?

One of the first boxes you'll check on a Massachusetts or Federal income taxTaxes 5.jpg return is your filing status. It's important to pick the right one for your situation, because this choice affects the amount of taxes you'll pay, the standard deduction you can take and any tax breaks you're eligible to claim.

Is Your Massachusetts Marriage Just a Pact to Die Together?

In any Massachusetts relationship, people want to have closeness with theirRelationship10.jpg partner, and they also want to feel intimate with them. In fact, some might consider the two to not be mutually exclusive. After all, you can't be intimate with someone that you aren't close with, and vice versa, right?

Researchers Find 102 Genes Linked to Autism in Massachusetts Children

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that is likelyDNA 2.jpg  caused by both genetic and environmental factors. As the name suggests, it also represents a range of symptoms and behaviors, all of which makes teasing apart the genes involved quite challenging.

12 Financial Factors To Remember When Settling A Massachusetts Divorce

Going through a Massachusetts divorce is extremely stressful. It's a time whenDivorce cartoon 4.jpgpeople can most benefit from the advice of an experienced financial advisor. Taking expert advice can help ensure all parties reach equitable settlements and have solid financial foundations as they move forward.

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