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Having Kids Does Not Increase Risk of a Massachusetts Divorce?

Having kids is seen as an integral part of a Massachusetts married couple's life; itBaby - Finances.jpg marks the transition from just marriage and living together to, well, being parents. It's a shift that's been explored in pop culture for ages now, because it's come to symbolize the moment that your family really begins to form. But, for many, the question remains: does having kids statistically increase your chances of divorce?

Contempt: The Number One Predictor of a Massachusetts Divorce

No two Massachusetts marriages end in the same way. But when looking at thAngry couple 2.jpge larger picture, patterns emerge. And, prior to divorce, there are some key factors that stand out more than others. A variety of relationship experts and therapists and when asked this one question: What, according to what you've noticed, is the most common predictor of divorce? The professionals responded with everything from failures of accountability to issues of contempt to slow erosions of trust.

Does Having Kids Before Massachusetts Marriage Increase Divorce Risk?

Maintaining a happy Massachusetts marriage after having a baby is hard. So hardDivorce 104.jpg, in fact, that millennials are increasingly forming families in reverse, opting to wed later in life and have children with one another long before they walk down the aisle. Until recently, such behavior was not only social taboo, it was thought to increase divorce risk. But now, a new study suggests that couples who have children together before getting married are no more likely to get divorced than couples who go about it the traditional way.

The 5 People Your Massachusetts Spouse Is Most Likely to Cheat With

Husbands and wives who commit infidelity don't just cheat on their MassachusettAdultry.jpgs spouses with anyone. They cheat on their partners with people who fall into very specific categories that make them more likely to spark temptation. Whether it's someone they know already or a opportunistic encounter with a stranger, people tend to cheat in patterns that can be traced by the person in bed with them. People who are worried about their partners cheating may want to look a little closer at the following parties as a result.

How to Tell Your Massachusetts Spouse You Want a Divorce

The messiness of a Massachusetts divorce has been well documented.Divorce cartoon 1.jpg The attorneys, the custody battles, dividing everything up. But when you are sure - absolutely sure - you want to go through with one, how do you tell your spouse you want a divorce? In movies, it's often blurted out in the midst of a heated argument, with one partner or the other dramatically shouting, "I want a divorce!" But in life, things tend to go a bit differently. And, if you want the ensuing legal battle to be civil, it's in one's best interest to take pause and really determine how to tell the person they vowed to spend the rest of their life with that it's over. So how does one deliver this particularly life-altering bit of news? 

What Divorced Massachusetts Parents Need to Know About Co-Parenting After the Split

A Massachusetts divorce may change the way a family looks, but it does not haveChildren 30.jpg to break it completely. Massachusetts parents who can manage to stay civil and connected when their marriage ends offer their kid much better outcomes. That's because kids thrive in stable environments and are better able to handle the world when they have a sense that their mom and dad are co-parenting to further their child's interests.

7 Insidious Massachusetts Marriage Problems You Really Shouldn't Ignore

In any Massachusetts marriage even in the strongest, happiest ones, problemCommunication 5.jpgs and frustrations will inevitably arise. And while it's not worth broaching every single little grievance that grinds your gears there are certain problems that really shouldn't be ignored.

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