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Is There a Place for the Consulting Massachusetts Attorney in Divorce Mediation?

The answer is Yes! There are many reasons why consultingMediation 12.jpg Massachusetts attorneys help to create durable, practical agreements through the mediation process.

Mediation: An Alternative to a High Cost/High Conflict Massachusetts Divorce

As mediation continues to build momentum as a viable, and often less costly, Mediation 14.jpgform of dispute resolution in Massachusetts, so has the role of your attorney in the mediation process. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which spouses meet with a qualified neutral professional, usually and preferably an experienced divorce attorney, to discuss their child related and/or financial issues, exchange pertinent information, and work with the mediator to create an out-of-court settlement. While this process does not involve retained experts or litigation, most parties do in fact consult with and obtain advice from an attorney prior to, during, and after the mediation process.

Come Together, Right Now, and Mediate Your Massachusetts Divorce!

Divorce mediation in Massachusetts has become a widely accepted way ofMediation 4.jpg resolving disputes because it works. Mediators report that typically 85-95 percent of mediated cases result in a settlement, often with an investment of one or two sessions. Among the advantages of mediation is that it fully engages the most important players.

What You Should Expect From Your Mediator During A Massachusetts Divorce

The mediator's role is to move the parties beyond personality clashes and historicMediate 2.jpg grievances. Only then can the mediator help you improve communication so any future dealings can take place without repeating the difficulties of the past.

Ensuring a Successful Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Mediation 10.jpgWhen couples decide to end their marriage in Massachusetts, they have several options. Of these, the traditional litigated divorce is the least advantageous to the couple. It often results in fighting and bitterness, and the dissolution of a once-strong partnership into all but enmity.

Asking "WHY" - The Secret to Successful Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Mediation 9.jpgChoosing your battles wisely is an important strategy in all areas of life, including if you are in the process of divorce. Unfortunately, traditional divorce attorneys often neglect to give their clients this advice, encouraging them to fight for everything they say they want, regardless of how impractical, impossible or destructive it may be.

Why Divorce Mediation Works in Massachusetts!

Mediation 6.jpgMediation is a powerful process when done through a skilled mediator. In divorce, most individuals get caught up with their "position" on certain issues and what they believe needs to take place in order to satisfy their needs. Often times, the "positions" taken by the parties are contradictory to one another. This leaves parties with the impression that only one of them can "win" on any given issue.

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