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Massachusetts Parenting Plans Should Contain These 5 Components

Many experts agree that shared custody (responsibility) is the bestParenting time.jpg divorce outcome for Massachusetts families. In order for both parents to be as involved in their children's lives as possible, many turn to parenting plans. A well-drafted plan has the ability to put in writing the agreements made by both parties regarding the raising and care of a couple's children.

Morality Clauses in Massachusetts Parenting Plans

Parents going through a divorce in Massachusetts have numerous concerns Moral dilemma.jpgregarding how their children will be affected by the divorce. Each parent may fear that the other parent will be a bad influence when it comes to the children, and want to limit the type of activities the parent can engage in when the parent is caring for the children. This is how the idea of a morality clause comes up in the context of a divorce.

How to Design a Workable Parenting Plan Agreement in Massachusetts

A well-written parenting plan agreement within your divorce or paternity case willParenting Plan 1.jpg help you co-parent children more successfully after divorce. It is the most important document you will craft as parents and deserves your best effort. It can be 1 page long or 20 pages long, but it must detail how you plan to raise your child(ren) together.

Infographic: Parenting Styles You Should Be Aware Of

Each parenting style has different characteristics. Here is a simple guide that helps you know your parenting style and offers suggestions on how to raise them into happy and responsible adults. 
Should you be in the midst of a Massachusetts divorce or paternity action, contact the Law Offices of Renee Lazar, an experienced attorney who can help you craft a parenting plan with your children's best interest in mind. Call 978-844-4095 to schedule a FREE one hour no obligation consultation.

How to Prepare For Summer Co-Parenting in Massachusetts

Though many children look forward to the fun, freedom, and activities thatSummertime.jpg typically come with summer vacation, it can be a challenging time for both the children and the parents in Massachusetts.

Consider "the Right of First Refusal" When Crafting a Parenting Plan in Massachusetts

The "right of first refusal" in Massachusetts family law cases is a court Mediation 2.jpgordered right between the parents, that provides "Parent A" the option to care for a child during "Parent B's" designated time, when "Parent A" is otherwise unavailable.

Fathers: Overnight Parenting Time Essential in Establishing Bonds Between Father and Child

There's new research proving beyond doubt that children of separated parents inFathers Day.jpg Massachusetts regardless of their age benefit greatly from overnight parenting time with both parents.

How To Draft Parenting Plans To Avoid Potential Future Conflicts in Massachusetts

Massachusetts family law attorneys need to draft parenting plans with the utmostKids First.jpg care to make sure that uncertainty and ambiguity don't undermine the best intentions. A court-ordered parenting plan governs how parents will share the "care, custody and management of their child." What goes into a  plan is often the result of extensive negotiations and mediation.

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