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Massachusetts Women: Don't Let Your Husbands Make Financial Decisions For You!

A Massachusetts divorce for some, it means liberation. For others, loss. For womenDivorce 99.jpg in particular, the doubling of the divorce rate for the 50-plus crowd since the 1990s can mean something far more prosaic: a need to shoulder the big financial decisions they'd let their spouses deal with when they were married.

How to Protect Your Finances and Credit During a Massachusetts Divorce

Divorcing spouses in Massachusetts must take steps to protect their finances andDivorce 107.jpg credit early on in the divorce process. The impact of not doing do will last years after the ink on the divorce decree dries. In order to protect assets, income and credit, the following are steps that everyone going through a divorce must take.

What Massachusetts Divorcing Spouses Need To Know About Real Estate And Real Estate Appraisals

When you're divorcing in Massachusetts, one of the questions curious friends andHome Appraisal.jpg family eventually ask is, "So . . . are you going to keep the house?"

10 Ways a Massachusetts Divorce Can Affect Your Credit

A Massachusetts divorce can have an impact on your credit, though the Debt 4.jpgproceedings themselves are not the reason for this. In other words, couples shouldn't expect their credit scores to plummet the second they file for divorce. However, there are things that occur during divorce that can have a negative impact on credit.

What Can You Do about a Family Business in a Massachusetts Divorce?

A Massachusetts divorce can change nearly everything about how you live-yourFamily-business.jpg relationship, your home, even what you do for a living. If you own a small business, that business may be subject to division along with the other property you own with your spouse. Learn more about what makes a business a marital asset, and what your options are as a small business owner going through a divorce.

How to Divide Digital Assets in a Massachusetts Divorce

When a Massachusetts divorce is imminent, both spouses typically expect there toDigital Assets 2.jpg be a division of the property and physical assets which have been collected during the course of the marriage. One new area which also must be examined for division is the digital assets of the spouses.

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