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FAQ's About Military Retirement Benefits

The new retirement benefit for Massachusetts service members includesRetirement 7.jpg cash contributions to a Thrift Savings Account, is a major boost for the vast majority of the force that serves for six or eight or ten years but never reaches the 20-year mark to become eligible for a lifelong pension.

FAQ's About Military Basic Pay

Massachusetts military service members and veterans have seen major changes toMilitary 49.jpg their pay and benefits over the past year. Basic pay is once again rising at the same rate as private-sector wages after several years of tight Pentagon budgets resulted in service members losing some ground compared to their civilian counterparts 

6 Ways The Coronavirus Can Infect Your Massachusetts Divorce

It seems the ripple effect of coronavirus has infected everything, and divorcingVirus 2.jpg Massachusetts individuals are not immune. The most apparent impact is that most, if not all, courthouses are closed except for emergencies. This may delay your divorce, along with applications for temporary support and custody. There are other less obvious issues as well. Here are six areas you need to re-assess when going through a divorce, along with actions to prepare and protect yourself.

IRS Tax Tip: Married Couples: Filing Jointly Or Separately?

One of the first boxes you'll check on a Massachusetts or Federal income taxTaxes 5.jpg return is your filing status. It's important to pick the right one for your situation, because this choice affects the amount of taxes you'll pay, the standard deduction you can take and any tax breaks you're eligible to claim.

12 Financial Factors To Remember When Settling A Massachusetts Divorce

Going through a Massachusetts divorce is extremely stressful. It's a time whenDivorce cartoon 4.jpgpeople can most benefit from the advice of an experienced financial advisor. Taking expert advice can help ensure all parties reach equitable settlements and have solid financial foundations as they move forward.

How Massachusetts Divorcees Can Restart Their Retirement Planning

One of the most important things you can do is take stock of your retirementRetirement 1.jpg potfolio once your Massachusetts divorce is finalized. Having a plan to get you where you want to go needs to start with where you are now.

Difference Between IRA and 401(k) Early Withdrawals for Massachusetts Couples

The golden rule of retirement planning is to leave your nest egg alone until you'reRetirement 9.jpg retired. But life happens, and if you find yourself in need of cash, it pays to know the difference between an IRA and a 401(k).

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