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6 Trouble Signs to Look Out For When Co-Parenting With Your Massachusetts Ex

Once the smoke has cleared from your Massachusetts divorce, former spousesYoung Children.jpg have to go about the business of figuring out how to be co-parents. In a perfect world, they'd be able to work together, setting aside their differences and keeping the best interests of the kids first and foremost in their minds. And, in most cases, that's what happens. But, there are instances where a healthy collaboration between exes just isn't possible.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Arguing With Your Massachusetts Spouse

First comes love, then comes a Massachusetts marriage , and then comes the Anger.jpginevitable really stupid fight you keep having over who threw whom under the carriage last time you went over to that person's place for that thing. Spats with your significant other - there are infinite varieties are unavoidable. But they don't have to be so bruising or so frequent, according to relationship therapists. In a recent study, therapists studied couples by filming them during a fight and then doing video microanalysis (a slow-motion, frame-by-frame examination of the footage) to see what's really going on.

How to Balance Two Careers in a Massachusetts Marriage Without Losing Yourselves

Modern life in Massachusetts often leads to less quality time between spouses. WeCareerDevelopment.jpg work more. We stress more. We have less time for date nights or dinners together. It's no wonder, then, that the idea of couples in which both partners have busy, full-time careers and also a solid relationship seems like something found only in '90s sitcoms. As two-career households become more and more common, however, it's more necessary than ever for spouses to learn how to balance career, family, marriage, and the thousand to-do lists all require. It's a spinning plates act, sure. And it undoubtedly comes with a lot of stress. But there is a way to make it far more manageable.

How to Save Your Massachusetts Marriage While You're Still in it

Statistically speaking, your marriage is in trouble. The numbers aren't on yourMarriage 6.jpg side, with 53 percent of Massachusetts marriages ending in divorce. Add another ten percent to that to account for the marriages that have failed but the couples remain together for the kids or for religious reasons.

Couples Therapy: Signs You and Your Massachusetts Partner Should Go

Couples therapy gets a bad rap, with many believing it's a last-ditch effort. But it'sCounseling.jpg not. Just as your car needs a tune-up after so many miles, so too does your relationship. The licensed professionals work with Massachusetts couples to help resolve conflict and increase satisfaction by gaining an understanding of their dynamic.

How Our Careers Affect Our Massachusetts Children

What working Massachusetts parent hasn't felt guilty about missing soccer gamesWork Life Balance 1.jpg and piano recitals? When there are last-minute schedule changes at work or required travel to a client site, it's normal to worry that you're somehow permanently scarring your little one.

Want a Better Massachusetts Marriage? Delete Your Instagram!

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has exploded in popularity. Today 35 percentSocial Media 6.jpg of Americans use it, making it the third biggest social media platform, behind only Facebook and YouTube. Despite its prominence, research into Instagram's effect on users is still young. While sociologists and psychologists have picked apart Facebook's effect on its audience since the late 2000s and early 2010s, Instagram studies only started appearing in recent years.

Playing Video Games May Increase Risk of Massachusetts Divorce

A recently published study suggests that over half of Americans ages 18-49 plaVideo Game.jpgy video games. But while gaming is more prevalent than ever, it remains mired in misconceptions. These stereotypes can plague marriages, particularly if one spouse games regularly and the other doesn't.

7 Signs You Might Be a Massachusetts Helicopter Parent

The term "helicopter parent" was first coined in 1969 when it was used to describeHeliocopter parenting 1.jpg parents who, well, hover over their kids. Almost 50 years later, the term has earned a place in common vernacular, code for parents who govern every aspect of their kids' lives. It's more than a bad habit with a catchy name: parents who always look over their kids' shoulders may be unwittingly preventing them from practicing emotional and behavioral control on their own.

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