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Infographic: How to Make Your Massachusetts Divorce Amicable

Since more than 90 percent of Massachusetts divorces eventually settle out of court, with some doing so at the very last minute, many couples feel that pursuing an amicable divorce from the beginning makes more sense. When both spouses agree that the marriage is over, and they wish to peacefully negotiate the terms of their divorce without litigation, there are a number of things they can do to improve their chances of experiencing a successful outcome.

Come Together, Right Now, and Mediate Your Massachusetts Divorce!

Divorce mediation in Massachusetts has become a widely accepted way ofMediation 4.jpg resolving disputes because it works. Mediators report that typically 85-95 percent of mediated cases result in a settlement, often with an investment of one or two sessions. Among the advantages of mediation is that it fully engages the most important players.

What Should I Expect at My Massachusetts Divorce Pre-Trial Conference?

Pre-trial divorce conferences in Massachusetts are much less intimidating thanAchieving a Fair Settlement.jpg they sound.  They provide you and your spouse with a chance to settle your case and afford you an invaluable glimpse into how the judge will rule if you go to trial. 

Are You Required to Prove Fault in a Massachusetts Divorce?

It is understandable that after watching TV shows and movies depicting divorce,Divorce 21.jpgyou could come away with the conclusion that it is required to prove fault in a Massachusetts divorce case. Many scenes depict the dramatic moment of pinning the blame on one party or another, proving abandonment, abuse, or infidelity.

Divorced Parents in Massachusetts Should Agree on Discipline

The discipline of children is a frequent source of post-divorce litigation in Massachusetts. When Family Dispute.jpgdivorced parents have different opinions about how to manage their children's behavior, they often go to court expecting the court to approve one approach and forbid the other.

International Recovery of Child Support for Massachusetts Residents

World Children.jpgIn August 2016, President Obama signed the instrument of ratification for the Hague Convention on International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance. 

Requests for Admissions: An Underutilized Tool in a Massachusetts Divorce

Admit - Deny.jpgRequests for admission are very valuable yet underutilized tool in a Massachusetts Divorce. They're one of the best techniques to create admissible evidence for summary judgment and trial.

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