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Self-Awareness is Key to a Happy Massachusetts Marriage

Anyone who's been in any long-term relationship in Massachusetts knows the feeling of cominRelationship 5.jpgg home and seeing that the garbage hasn't been taken out, the sink is piled up with dishes, the floor is littered with a week's worth of underwear. And, taking the sight in, it's all that person can do to hold themselves back and not blow up. But the blowing up isn't the issue. It's why these things make them want to blow up in the first place. After all, is dirty underwear really something to lose control over? Or does it speak to a larger issue that person might have with their partner?

Is a Massachusetts Divorce Bad for Kids Too Young to Remember Having Married Parents?

A Massachusetts divorce is a classic excuse for prepubescent antics and teenageFamily 20.jpg apathy. It's the prime mover of malfunction, the subject floundering twenty-somethings dig in on with their therapists. But not all "children of divorce" have the same experiences. Babies and toddlers of divorce don't have the opportunity to internalize marital strife. Divorced parents making it work becomes their status quo. As such, divorce has a very different effect on that specific population.

7 Seemingly Harmless Phrases to Never Say to Your Spouse Around the Kids

While they meant well, whoever said "It's not what you say, it's what you do thatParent Phrases.jpg matters most" never had kids. Massachusetts kids learn a lot about how communication is supposed to work from observing you and your spouse interact with one another. If you're caustic? They'll be caustic. If you're angry? They'll probably be angry. If you use bad words, they'll use bad words. Of course, this also applies to less obvious territory: toss-away phrases you might say.

How to Introduce Kids to Your New Relationship After Massachusetts Divorce

When the Massachusetts divorce dust settles, the papers are signed, and lifeNew Life.jpg returns to some semblance of normalcy, many fathers and mothers will begin to date again. And because the love bug is a vicious little creature, they'll find someone new. But when do you introduce this new love to your kids? As with all things divorce-related, the question is tricky. While it might be a touchy affair, there's a good way to go about it, according to family therapists. Done thoughtfully, not only will things be more comfortable, but you'll model for your kids how to be a functioning adult in a hectic emotional world.

How to Hide Assets From Your Spouse During Massachusetts Divorce

Starting to notice changes in your Massachusetts marriage? Are you worried thatHiding Assets.jpg your husband is hiding money before Massachusetts divorce? Concerned about whether your wife is concealing assets? Needless to say, divorces are stressful. Not only splitting from someone emotionally but also financially can take its toll on anyone. But as sad as it is, people will take advantage of their spouse in this fragile time.

Income Disparity Between Massachusetts Spouses Increase Risk of Divorce

Although the number of Massachusetts families in which wives are the main breadwinners is stillWomen breadwinners.jpg fairly small, it's a steadily growing trend: In 1980, only 13 percent of married women earned more than or about as much as their husbands. By 2000, that figure had almost doubled, rising to 25 percent. Since then, the rise has been slower but is still on an uptick. In 2017, 28 percent of women made more money than their husbands or co-habitating partners.

How to Gain Custody of Your Massachusetts Children

If you're going through a Massachusetts divorce that involves children, one of theChildren 25.jpg biggest arguments or disagreements you may be having is the topic of child custody. While we want our children to grow up with the happiest life possible, sometimes sharing legal and physical custody does not make sense or would not be in the best interest of the child. But even though you know you deserve full care, you need to be able to convince the court that you deserve it as well. Proving your ex-spouse or the other parent of your children does not deserve any custody can be a difficult thing to manage. But if you're properly prepared and understand the extent of what you need to prove, you can have a better shot at getting the full custody you believe you deserve.

A Year-By-Year Guide to Your Risk of Massachusetts Divorce

Pretty much anything can lead to a Massachusetts divorce. From employmentDivorce Wishbone.jpg status to how much the couple spent on the wedding, studies have shown that the straw that breaks the camel's back comes in all shapes and sizes.

Infographic: Why You Should Hug Your Massachusetts Kids

It's official: hugs are good for you, physically and emotionally. Recent scientific research has found that getting your full cuddle quota every day has significant benefits, including a healthy heart rate, a sense of calm, better sleep and more energy.

Emotional Invalidation Cause For Massachusetts Divorce

Maybe you feel like your Massachusetts partner has overreacted to something, orStop Saying.jpg they're taking something a bit more seriously than you think they should. Trying to diffuse the situation, you turn to them and say "You're so sensitive." Those three little words are offensive and, if not monitored, can be toxic to a relationship. Saying them or such phrases as "Don't be ridiculous" or "You don't know what you're saying," makes it seem like you reject and invalidate your partner's feelings. They communicate that you don't care about them or what they think and, if not worked at, can ruin a marriage.

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