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Why Married Massachusetts Men Are Less Antisocial

A good Massachusetts marriage civilizes men. At least, that's what it looks like,Marriage 8.jpg since fewer married men are antisocial. Married men are more responsible, less aggressive, less likely to do something illegal and more mentally healthy than single ones. This has been documented in a bunch of studies and chronicled in such great works of art as Jane Eyre and Failure To Launch. But it's never been clear whether it's the marriage that makes men antisocial or whether fewer antisocial men get married.

What the Brain Looks Like After 20 Years of a Massachusetts Marriage

Contrary to popular opinion, people who say they are still madly in love with theirBrain 8.jpg Massachusetts  spouses after more than two decades are not crazy. At least, some of them aren't. And apparently they're not lying either. This is the proposition of a study published in an issue of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience that took brain scans of long-married people who claimed to still be besotted with their marital partner.

FAQ's About Military G.I. Bill Benefits

Massachusetts military service members and veterans have seen major changes to their pay andMilitary - Education.jpg benefits over the past year especially changes to GI Bill rules that can have a far-reaching impact on the lives and livelihoods of military families around the world.

5 Personalities That Create High Conflict in Massachusetts Marriages

Conflict is an inescapable part of any Massachusetts relationship, especially aConflict 3.jpg marriage. We bicker. We argue. We butt heads. We have heated conversations. Conflict also plays a healthy and positive role in relationships: It helps us to push one another, to settle disagreements, to make feelings known, and to arrive at solutions. There are, however, those people who fall into conflict over the slightest provocations - or perceived provocations. These high-conflict personalities are easily triggered by minor episodes of miscommunication or the occasional offhand remark, until their relationships are dominated by contention. The conflict-oriented mind-set tends to see just two options during an argument: escape or win.

4 Steps to Help Teens Handle Your Massachusetts Divorce

Many Massachusetts divorcing parents put all their attention on helping theirTeen Girls.jpg younger children cope while assuming their teenager will understand and adapt. Unfortunately studies have shown that in many cases teens will deal with divorce in more self-destructive and dangerous ways than younger children. Don't be misled by their seeming independence and self-sufficiency. Often, behind that mask lie deep insecurity, anxiety, mistrust and fear.

How to Care for Massachusetts Children During Down-Turned Economy in Massachusetts

Is our down-turned economy having an effect on divorce in Massachusetts? WhileDivorce - Money - Stress.jpg it's too early for statistical evidence, reports from marriage counselors and divorce attorneys around the globe are in agreement. They're finding many couples who were ready to call it quits are postponing the divorce decision due to financial reasons. In the U.S., with housing values at near-record lows, wide-ranging cuts in salaries and a dramatic rise in unemployment rates, many couples are just not divorcing because they are afraid they can't afford it.

Why Massachusetts Men Pull Away From Their Spouses

There's an incessant pace to running a Massachusetts household. Kids need toDivorce and Bandaid.jpg get dressed. Garbage has to be on the curb, and bills have to get paid. But the work never stops. Often, complaining ramps up, and downtime and personal space essentially disappear.

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