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Massachusetts Landlords: Be Wary If You Charge Tenants For Water!

Many Massachusetts landlords are unaware that before charging tenants for hot water and sewer tap1-image.jpgservice, they must comply with the numerous requirements of the Massachusetts Water Sewer Sub-Metering Law. These requirements include having separate water meters for each unit, installation of low flow faucets and toilets by a licensed plumber, and certification with the local health board, among other requirements outlined below. Non-compliance with this law may result in a three month rent penalty to the landlord plus payment of the tenant's attorneys fees.

Landlords: Return Security Deposit Prior to Evicting Massachusetts Tenant!

If you are a Massachusetts landlord, when you leased your premises, you took aApartments.jpg security deposit from your tenant. Unfortunately, you did not comply with the strict requirements set forth in the Security Deposit Act.

Massachusetts Property Owners Must Comply With The Lead Laws

Do you own multiple-family dwelling units in Massachusetts ? Are you consideringLead hazard.jpg entering the market as an owner? If so, you must be familiar with the Massachusetts Lead Paint Law (Lead Law).The Lead Law is a robust policy designed to protect children.

What Are Massachusetts Heat Laws?

Massachusetts landlords must help the tenant maintain 64 to 68 °F fromHeat.jpg September 15 to June 15 under the Massachusetts heat laws. Massachusetts apartment heating laws are specified in the State Sanitary Code, officially 105 CMR 410 The Minimum Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation. This regulation has the force of law and governs all things apartment, including winter heating requirements.

Can My Massachusetts Landlord Raise My Rent?

Raising rent is always a contentious issue among Massachusetts landlords andLease Agreement.jpg tenants. Are raises in rent allowed? The answer depends upon the rental agreement between the parties: whether there is a lease or tenancy-at-will.

May a Massachusetts Landlord Charge an Application Fee? NO!!

The answer is NO! A Massachusetts landlord may not charge an application fee,Lock.jpgwith one exception. Massachusetts General Laws states that at or prior to the commencement of any tenancy, no lessor may require a tenant or prospective tenant to pay any amount in excess of the following:

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