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2017 Changes to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines

Under Massachusetts Law, the Child Support Guidelines must be reviewed everyChild Support Agreement.jpeg four (4) years by a task force to determine whether any revisions are required to usher in a fairer way of apportioning family expenses, including but not limited to child care, health care and college.

Alimony: Exceptions to Durational Limits in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts alimony reform statute states that "alimony awards whichMoney Fight 1.jpg exceed the durational limits established shall be modified upon a complaint for modification without additional material change of circumstance, unless the court finds that deviation from the durational limits is warranted." The court must then look to whether deviation is "required in the interests of justice."

Who Pays for a Child's Health Insurance in Massachusetts?

Health Insurance Form.jpgEvery Massachusetts child support order includes a provision regarding health insurance. This provision, sometimes referred to as medical child support, can require a parent to provide health insurance for as long as the child is considered a dependent.

Divorce After a Long-Term Marriage in Massachusetts

Elderly woman.jpgDivorce after a long-term marriage can be especially difficult. Families, finances, housing, and emotions have likely become well enmeshed after twenty or more years of marriage. The procedure to end a long-term marriage is the same as the procedure to end a short or medium-term marriage, but there are certain issues that become especially important in long-term marriages.

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