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Benefits Offered to Massachusetts Military Families When They Choose to Adopt

Military life is not always the most stable for Massachusetts families. Those whoMilitary Adoption.jpg are in the military or grew up in a military family can attest to that. But now, more adoption agencies and child welfare groups are recognizing that military families are just as capable of providing a loving and welcoming home for children as any other family. Though being in the military does pose unique circumstances, it also means that you may be able to receive certain benefits when adopting a child that are not available to anyone who is not in the armed forces.

Military Members May Name Special Needs Trusts as Beneficiaries of Survivor Benefit Plan

On December 15, 2014, Congress passed the Disabled Military Child Protection Act. This legislation grants military members the authority to name a "payback" special needs trust as a beneficiary of Survivor Benefit Plans (SBP). 

Military Retirement Benefits: Pros and Cons of the Survivor Benefit Plan

Upon death, the service member's right to receive retirement pay terminates. The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is an annuity program that allows retired or retirement-eligible active duty service members to provide continued income to specified beneficiaries at the time of the participant's death.  

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