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Watching Porn May Increase Risk of a Massachusetts Divorce

Married Massachusetts couples who start watching porn are twice as likely toPorn 2.jpg be divorced in the the following years as those who don't. And women who start watching porn are three times as likely to split, according to a recent study. 

Anxiety Disorders May Contribute to Marital Dissatisfaction for Massachusetts Couples

Living with anxiety can be tough - your thoughts might race, you might dreadCouples.jpg tasks others find simple  and your worries might feel inescapable. But loving a Massachusetts spouse with anxiety can be hard too. You might feel powerless to help or overwhelmed by how your partner's feelings affect your daily life.

Are You Being Manipulated By Your Massachusetts Spouse?

If you've ever felt like something is off in a close Massachusetts relationship or casual encounteManipulation.jpgr and you're being pressured, controlled or even feel like you're questioning yourself more than usual - it could be manipulation.

How to Divorce Proof Your Massachusetts Marriage

Can you divorce-proof your Massachusetts marriage?

This is a concern of most couples thinking about getting married, even ifCommunication 6.jpg they don't want to admit it. It's also on the minds of couples who have already made the commitment. Despite the statistics, the answer is, "YES".

Codependency Can Kill a Massachusetts Marriage.

The notion of having a better half is as problematic as it is widespread. Having aDivorce 170.jpg Massachusetts romantic partner who's responsible for the other to reach their full potential implies that individuals can't effectively achieve without a warm body sleeping next to them. This definition of the better half is a recipe for codependency - where one partner is self-sacrificial for, and defined by, their relationship.

How Massachusetts Narcissists Play the Victim and Twist the Story

Massachusetts people with strong narcissistic tendencies are known for certain destructive social patterns. Anybody who has had the misfortune of dealing with these types of people may notice that whenever there's a conflict or any type of disagreement, they tend to act in an abhorrent yet predictable manner.

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