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Why You Need to Watch Your Digital Footprint

Divorce is changing and developing right alongside society. Anyone who has been through a divorce can tell you that it is often a lengthy and emotional process. Cases with high conflict are even more arduous.

Add electronically stored information (ESI) to the picture and you've got the recipe for a perfect storm. ESI, or electronically stored information, can be used as evidence in a variety of cases. Digital forensics is used to collect, analyze and report on the information. For many computer forensics experts, a digital footprint is the starting place to collect ESI.

Is There an Increase in Social Media Leading to Divorce?

Is there an increase in social media leading to divorce? Research has revealed that 1 in 7 married individuals have considered divorce because of their spouse's postings of Facebook or other online sites. Similarly, many spouses regularly search online for evidence of their partner's infidelity, and nearly 1 in 5 couples admit they have daily arguments over the ways their spouse uses social media.

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