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Military Pension Clauses: Fixed Dollar vs. Fixed Percentage

Military 5.jpgOften a Massachusetts military client will ask the lawyer to find out the best way to divide a retired pay so that the former spouse receives as little as possible. This client is specifically requesting that a fixed dollar be awarded to the former spouse.

Former Military Spouses and the Survivor Benefit Plan

Military 4.jpgAs a military family law divorce attorney in Massachusetts, I am frequently asked by former military spouses what they need to do if their divorce decree requires the servicemember to provide survivor benefit plan coverage (SBP).  

Military Spouses: Do Not Overlook the Thrift Savings Plan as a Valuable Asset

Military 2.jpgThe military retirement system does not end with the pension and the survivor benefit plan. Not to be overlooked is the third deferred compensation attribute to the system, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). This can be a valuable asset in property division, potentially containing tens of thousands of dollars of marital funds. 

2015 Snapshot of the Military Lifestyle

Military.jpgMilitary families are much like their civilian neighbors. Many need dual incomes to meet their financial goals; are concerned about pay and benefits; worry about childcare and education; and want to establish roots and contribute to their community's well-being. However, the unique demands of military service result in exceptional issues and challenges for service members and their families.

Money Saving Tips for the Military Spouse

You can save money for Col Smith in several ways in negotiations over his pension. The first one to use a set dollar amount in specifying the pension share for his wife upon divorce. This means that the spousal entitlement is calculated (usually with 50% of the marital share as the model) and then converted in today's dollars to a specific monetary amount, such as: "Mrs. Smith shall receive $495 a month from the disposable retired pay of Col Smith." This method of dividing the pension, if accepted by the other side, means that all future increases in Col Smith's pay belong to him and, upon retirement, the cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) which are applied to retired pay go solely to him. She receives none of these benefits. The COLA, when applied solely to Col Smith's pension, will roughly double its value over twenty years.

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