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International Recovery of Child Support for Massachusetts Residents

World Children.jpgIn August 2016, President Obama signed the instrument of ratification for the Hague Convention on International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance. 

The Effect of Joint Custody on Child Support in Massachusetts

Child support 1.jpgEven if Massachusetts parents have joint physical custody, child support can still be ordered because the purpose of child support is to ensure the children are adequately provided for. The belief is that the children have a right to benefit from the income of both their parents in the same way that the children would have if their parents stayed together.

How Does Willful Underemployment Impact Child Support in Massachusetts?

Looking for a job.jpgIn determining a Massachusetts child support obligation, the first factor to be considered is the gross incomes of both parents. In determining a parties gross income, the court will consider whether willful underemployment or unemployment is being attempted by either parent. In other words, either parent is capable of earning more money than they currently do. 

Changing Child Support to Reflect Time Spent with Children

Parenting plan.jpgEven if parents have joint physical custody, child support can still be ordered. This is because the purpose of child support is to ensure the children are adequately provided for regardless of where they reside.

Common Myths About Child Support in Massachusetts

Children 3.jpgChild support can be a complicated, and often misunderstood, system. While every case is unique and should be discussed with an experienced family law attorney to fully understand the complexities and implications, there are some recurring myths that appear in many cases.

Temporary Child Support During the Divorce Process in Massachusetts

ABC.pngIf children are involved in a family law case, there is sometimes a need for temporary child support. Fortunately, Massachusetts has a procedure for obtaining temporary child support. Temporary child support is child support that the court orders to be paid by one parent to the other for the benefit of the child(ren) during the pendency of the case.

Do Not Change Jobs to Lower Your Child Support in Massachusetts

How much.jpgIn Massachusetts Probate and Family Court cases, resentment can exist between the person paying child support and the person receiving it. The person paying often feel that the amount they are required to pay is too high, especially if they believe that the other party is misusing the money or spending some of the money on him or herself. As a result, the payor often thinks that taking a job that pays less may solve this problem. They believe that even though they'd earn less, their support obligation would fall as well.

Will a Massachusetts Court Consider High Living Expenses When Determining One's Ability to Pay Child Support?

Clowny.jpgThe Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts looks at the payor's gross income from all sources when calculating one's child support obligation.

What Happens When Someone Does Not Pay Child Support in Massachusetts

The hope is that when parents don't live together, they both understand it is their obligation, both legally and morally, to step up and care for their children. Part of doing so means that both of them should take some financial responsibility for the children, often in the form of child support. Though we might hope that all parents would willingly contribute, the reality is that some may not. So what happens when someone does not pay child support in Massachusetts? What are the consequences?

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