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Have a Problem Affording a Massachusetts Divorce Attorney? Try Limited Assistance Representation!

To some litigants in Massachusetts divorce proceedings, it is tempting to believeDivorce court.jpg that as long as you have the truth on your side, it is not necessary to hire a divorce lawyer to represent your interests. A litigant might be well educated, articulate and armed with a list of favorable facts supporting his interests. He may be confident that he can convincingly argue to a judge why he would make a better custodial parent and why due to his marital contribution he deserves the lion's share of the marital property. After all, who can possibly know and explain facts about his marriage better than he does?

When Is It Too Late to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts?

Clock 1.jpgIn some cases, a person may believe he can handle a divorce on his own without hiring an attorney. This may happen for any of a number of reasons:

How to Make Divorce Easier in Massachusetts

Divorce 7.jpgMany people may promise to make the divorce process easier, but the truth is that only the parties themselves have the power to significantly make things easier on themselves and their children, shorter in duration, and less expensive.

Why Should You Settle Your Massachusetts Family Law Case

Handshake.jpgIf you're going through a Family Court case in Massachusetts, it is sometimes hard to determine the best way to handle what can sometimes be a contentious process. Is it best to fight tooth and nail, refusing to cave until you get your way and insisting that matters be taken to court? Or should you settle and try to reach an agreement through negotiation with the other side? Is that a surrender or can it instead be useful?

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts

Divorce.jpgAfter the searching is done and you've finally settled on someone to serve as your Massachusetts family law attorney, you will eventually need to set a time for your first meeting. Though many people show up to these meetings with nothing and without doing any preparation, there are things you can do to get ready for meeting with a divorce lawyer and to ensure that you leave well informed of the divorce process.

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