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Asking "WHY" - The Secret to Successful Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Mediation 9.jpgChoosing your battles wisely is an important strategy in all areas of life, including if you are in the process of divorce. Unfortunately, traditional divorce attorneys often neglect to give their clients this advice, encouraging them to fight for everything they say they want, regardless of how impractical, impossible or destructive it may be.

Can Fathers Win Child Custody Cases in Massachusetts?

Father and son.jpgToday, fathers can stand on equal footing with mothers in contested custody cases in Massachusetts. However, there are things that dads can do to help and to hurt their chances in a custody case.

Changing Child Support to Reflect Time Spent with Children

Parenting plan.jpgEven if parents have joint physical custody, child support can still be ordered. This is because the purpose of child support is to ensure the children are adequately provided for regardless of where they reside.

Can Children Choose What Parent to Live With After a Divorce in Massachusetts

Broken family 1.jpgCan children choose what parent to live with after a divorce? The short answer is probably "no". Most child custody lawyers would agree that custody and parenting plans are probably the most highly contested issues between people when relationships don't work and the couple has had children.

Child Custody Mediation Mistakes to Avoid in Massachusetts

Child custody.jpgChild custody mediation during divorce proceedings is an attempt at coming to a resolution of differences regarding the custody and time sharing of your child/children together, with both parents working out an agreement that is acceptable to both. Left unresolved at this stage your only option will be a court based child custody evaluation, which will bring in a number of external factors that could go against you and may not be in your control.

How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Children Prior to Divorce Proceedings in Massachusetts

Dad and children.jpgThe end of a marriage can be very difficult for children.  This article addresses issues related the legal and physical custody of the children, oftentimes referred to the "best interests test."

How Will My Criminal History Impact My Divorce?

Alcoholics annonymous.jpgPeople from all walks of life have criminal records. Some people have had a DUI. Others have had convictions for assault or theft. When these people get divorced, many of them wonder how their criminal record will impact their dissolution proceedings. Unfortunately, for purposes of this blog post the answer has to be that it depends. There are many circumstances that can impact how much weight and consideration the court will give a previous violation of the law when deciding on family law issues. Here are a few ways that your criminal record may affect your family law proceedings. As with all legal issues on this blog, it is best to speak with an attorney that knows the details of your case about how your criminal record may impact your dissolution proceedings.

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