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Working With Opposite Sex Increases Risk of a Massachusetts Divorce

If home is where the heart is, work may be where it wanders. Married Massachusetts people whoWorkplace issues.jpg work with lots of members of the opposite sex are more likely to get divorced, with highly educated men appearing to be particularly susceptible to this trend, according to a new study.

Talk "To", Not "At", Your Child During And After Massachusetts Divorce

Therapists are always reminding parents to talk to their Massachusetts children.Mom-and-Dad-House.jpg Unfortunately, many parents need just such a reminder - especially in today's mega-paced culture in which just sitting down to a family dinner together seems to be a major accomplishment. Too often, busy parents find themselves talking "at" their children, but not "to" them. And most especially, not "with" them.

You're Getting Divorced in Massachusetts: Does Your Child Need Therapy?

If you're a Massachusetts divorcing parent, worries about your kids are high onJoy.jpg your "list of stuff that keeps me up at night." Do they feel betrayed? Angry? Grief-stricken? Stigmatized? Will they live like ping pong balls, miserably bouncing between homes? Will they have difficulty forming loving attachments in the future or develop a cynicism about marriage? These are natural questions, and they often prompt concerned parents to ask me if they should put their kids in therapy.

How to Compete to Win with a Massachusetts Ex That Can't Stop Competing

Many divorced Massachusetts parents with kids will have played the "competitionWinner.png game" before. Some play competitive all the time. Experts will tell you it's not good for the kids. 

Parental Alienation Following Massachusetts Divorce: Too Easily Rationalized or Overlooked

One behavior commonly overlooked as a very hurtful aspect of Parental AlienationParental alienation 4.jpg involves one parent keeping the other from contact with the children - as punishment.

Parental Guidance: 15 Things to Give Up to Be a Happy Massachusetts Parent

You want to be a happy Massachusetts parent but your countless responsibilitieFamily 40.jpgs make this goal challenging. Don't lose hope just yet.

Is "Phubbing" Hurting Your Massachusetts Marriage?

What Is Phubbing and Why Is It So Damaging to a Massachusetts Marriage?

Phones and the social media and games and apps they contain are basicallyOn the Phone.jpg dopamine slot machines, designed to keep people scrolling, liking, commenting, email-checking, and Fortniting. The major thing they distract from? Relationships. In fact, the stranglehold that devices have on relationships has become so great it's even been given its own name: "phubbing." A portmanteau of "phone" and "snubbing," the term is fairly self-explanatory and illustrates the nature of the problem pretty well. After all, a snub is a rude and dismissive gesture and the fact that couples are using the term to describe their partner's choice of their device over quality time says a lot. While the term seems cutesy, Phubbing is basically relationship-napalm. One recent study found that the behavior actually facilitates relationship dissatisfaction on an almost-subconscious level by creating emotional distance between romantic partners.

Anger Management Classes in Massachusetts: What To Look For When You're Looking for Help

Anger is a perfectly natural emotion, and a primitive one as well. It's a fight orAnger 3.jpg flight response - something that our minds and bodies need in order to tell us when we're unsafe. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is to treat anger as something unnatural.

3 Pillars For Becoming A Present, Conscious Massachusetts Father For Your Children

Ask 10 people what they think a good Massachusetts father is, and you willFather with children.jpg probably get 10 different answers with some similarities. Ask those same people what they desired most from their father, and you may see a strong connection between what they desired and how they now define a good father.

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