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In a Massachusetts Divorce, Who Pays the Attorney Fees?

Divorce War.jpgA Massachusetts divorce has many costs, not the least of which are the attorney fees incurred by each party. But it's not always the incurring party who has to foot his or her attorney's bills.

Hiding Assets, Spending, and Dissipation in a Massachusetts Divorce

Property Division 1.jpgMarital asset dissipation is an issue during a Massachusetts divorce when one spouse has given away or transferred or mismanaged marital property.

How Your Tax Returns Can Uncover Hidden Divorce Assets

Tax deductions.jpgDivorce expenses can soar, especially when spouses start suspecting each other of hiding property. Consider what happens when wives or husbands hire private investigators to track down assets concealed by their future exes. Fees to find those hidden assets can add up to many thousands of dollars.

When Is It Too Late to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts?

Clock 1.jpgIn some cases, a person may believe he can handle a divorce on his own without hiring an attorney. This may happen for any of a number of reasons:

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