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How Will My Criminal History Impact My Divorce?

Alcoholics annonymous.jpgPeople from all walks of life have criminal records. Some people have had a DUI. Others have had convictions for assault or theft. When these people get divorced, many of them wonder how their criminal record will impact their dissolution proceedings. Unfortunately, for purposes of this blog post the answer has to be that it depends. There are many circumstances that can impact how much weight and consideration the court will give a previous violation of the law when deciding on family law issues. Here are a few ways that your criminal record may affect your family law proceedings. As with all legal issues on this blog, it is best to speak with an attorney that knows the details of your case about how your criminal record may impact your dissolution proceedings.

Study Finds More Child Abuse in Homes of Returning Vets

Military 3.jpgThe babies and toddlers of soldiers returning from deployment face the heightened risk of abuse in the six months after the parent's return home, a risk that increases among soldiers who deploy more frequently.

Access to Student Records by Non-Custodial Parents in Massachusetts

Regardless of a parent's legal custodial status, each parent has the right to have access to all educational records of their children pursuant to G.L. ch. 208, § 31 and G.L. ch. 71, § 34H unless the school or district has been given documentation that:

Could Proposed New Child Custody Laws Lead to Financial Problems?

There is a growing trend in some states to move towards shared parenting. Legislators in nearly 20 states are currently either considering or will consider proposals to mandate equal parenting plans during a divorce. Advocates say that for too long, men have been at a distinct disadvantage when it comes time to divide up parenting responsibilities in a divorce. The new measures are aimed at leveling the playing field by making shared parenting arrangements the default, but could these proposed new child custody laws lead to financial problems?

Military Pension Division and Domestic Violence

Even if a domestic violence case is initiated by civilian authorities and disposed of in a civilian state court, the servicemember still can suffer potentially severe military consequences depending on the outcome and the direction of the proceedings.

Domestic Violence Law in Massachusetts

An Act relative to domestic violence signed into law on August 8, 2014, establishes new criminal offenses related to domestic violence, creates new legal protections and imposes training requirements for judges and court personnel became effective August 8, 2014. 

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