Middlesex County Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Family situations are more fluid than ever. Parents shift in and out of jobs and move to new locations; as children grow, changes occur that may require modifications to an original child custody or child support agreement. These changes must be approved by the court, even if they seem minor.

At the Law Offices of Renee Lazar in Bedford, Massachusetts, we have a thorough understanding of the circumstances that must be shown to amend court-ordered child support and child custody agreements.

Attorney Lazar assists parents in reaching agreement on modifications or preventing a requested modification. Common reasons that a parent may seek modifications to a child support or custody order include extended unemployment, extended illness, the need to move further away due to a new job, or conditions that endanger the child such as alcohol or drug abuse by the other parent or someone in the same home.

Bedford Child Support Modification Attorney

According to a March 2013 opinion of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, modification of a child support order does not require a finding of a material change of circumstances. Rather, if there is an inconsistency between the amount of the existing order and the amount that would result from application of the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, the Court must consider the modification request. When such an inconsistency exists, the Court may not simply dismiss the complaint for modification, even if the evidence does not demonstrate a material change of circumstances. In other words, the Guidelines calculation must be performed, and the party objecting to the result will have the burden of proving that a different amount should be ordered.

You may have to complete new forms or request a modification of your existing order of support. It is wise to enlist the services of a knowledgeable Middlesex County child custody modification attorney in order to remain in compliance with your court order.

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