Middlesex County Paternity Attorney

Establishing paternity impacts a broad range of family law issues, including child custody and support, as well as father’s rights. It has become increasingly important to establish paternity in instances where the parents are not married.

The typical paternity action involves either a mother who seeks financial support for a child or a father who wishes to establish his right to visitation or custody. Once it is established that a person is the father of a child, that person has the same parental rights and obligations to the child as if the parents were married when the child was born.

Paternity can be established through DNA testing or by an acknowledgement of parentage that is signed by both parties and filed with court, town clerk or registrar of vital deeds and statistics. A paternity test can also protect a man against false accusations of paternity.

At the Law Offices of Renee Lazar in Bedford, Massachusetts, our family law attorney has the experience and knowledge to represent you on all matters that involve paternity.

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Paternity disputes are complex and too important to leave to chance. Under the state’s Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) program, I am able to assist an individual solely on a paternity matter and allow him or her to manage the rest of the case. This allows a person to obtain legal counsel while keeping costs manageable.

In addition to providing parental rights, establishing paternity also provides a number of legal rights to a child, including health insurance coverage, the right to collect Social Security benefits, inheritance issues and the right to sue for a father’s wrongful death.

If you need more information about paternity and the legal rights and obligations that paternity provides, contact our experienced Middlesex County paternity lawyer. We will review the facts of your case and recommend the best steps to take.