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How The Gender Income Gap Impacts Massachusetts Women's Retirement

It's natural to have concerns about whether you're saving enough for retirement. ARetirement Savings 2.jpg new report from the National Institute for Retirement Security (NIRS) finds that Massachusetts women, in particular, remain at a disadvantage with their retirement savings.

Why Married Massachusetts Men Are Less Antisocial

A good Massachusetts marriage civilizes men. At least, that's what it looks like,Marriage 8.jpg since fewer married men are antisocial. Married men are more responsible, less aggressive, less likely to do something illegal and more mentally healthy than single ones. This has been documented in a bunch of studies and chronicled in such great works of art as Jane Eyre and Failure To Launch. But it's never been clear whether it's the marriage that makes men antisocial or whether fewer antisocial men get married.

What the Brain Looks Like After 20 Years of a Massachusetts Marriage

Contrary to popular opinion, people who say they are still madly in love with theirBrain 8.jpg Massachusetts  spouses after more than two decades are not crazy. At least, some of them aren't. And apparently they're not lying either. This is the proposition of a study published in an issue of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience that took brain scans of long-married people who claimed to still be besotted with their marital partner.

Stimulus Checks May Be Garnished For Child Support Arrears in Massachusetts

Due to COVID-19, Massachusetts residents are experiencing difficult financialStimulus Bill.jpg times. While there has been action by the government to ease financial burdens such as staying evictions and forbearing mortgage payments, the fact of the matter is that ensuring the receipt of child support during this time is critical.

IRS Tax Tip: Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check?

In mid-April, the government began sending out direct payments to Massachusetts residents asStimulus check 1.jpg part of the larger coronavirus stimulus package. While the money was much needed by those who lost income as a result of the pandemic, many are wondering whether there's a catch. Will the money be taxed later? Is it simply a tax refund advance that will need to be paid back next year?

Warning Signs Your Spouse is Hiding Assets During Massachusetts Divorce

Typically, the greater number of high-value and complex assets a MassachusettsHidden assets - buried treaure.jpg married couple has, the more complicated property division is during Massachusetts divorce.

FAQ's About Benefits Available to Military Spouses for Education and Employment Opportunities

Frequent deployments and moving every two or three years can intensify theMilitary 41.jpg needs of Massachusetts military families in many areas of their lives, such as spouse employment and education.

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