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June 2016 Archives

Why Does a Massachusetts Divorce Require Estate Plan Changes?

Financial Plan.pngGiven the amount of time, energy and money that is typically expended in a divorce, the last thing many people want to hear is that they need to add something else to their already full plates. Sadly though, those in the midst of a divorce would be well served to spend some time thinking through changes that will need to be made to existing estate plans.

How to Keep a Child Custody Journal in Massachusetts

Journal.jpgIf you are currently facing or have already started a child custody case, one of the best tools you can have is a 'custody journal'. What is a custody journal? It's a journal you create solely for the purpose of documenting all the aspects of daily life to support your child custody claims in family court. It is important that this journal not be part of any other personal journal, as it is very likely portions of it may become part of the public record depending on the facts in your case.

Ensuring a Successful Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Mediation 10.jpgWhen couples decide to end their marriage in Massachusetts, they have several options. Of these, the traditional litigated divorce is the least advantageous to the couple. It often results in fighting and bitterness, and the dissolution of a once-strong partnership into all but enmity.

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