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April 2017 Archives

What Should I Expect at My Massachusetts Divorce Pre-Trial Conference?

Pre-trial divorce conferences in Massachusetts are much less intimidating thanAchieving a Fair Settlement.jpg they sound.  They provide you and your spouse with a chance to settle your case and afford you an invaluable glimpse into how the judge will rule if you go to trial. 

Quitclaim Deed and a Massachusetts Divorce

The division of property is a major element of a Massachusetts divorce case. RealDeed - Mortgage.jpg estate often times is the most significant piece of property to be dealt with during divorce proceedings. If real estate owned by the parties during the marriage is assigned to one of the spouses as part of a divorce settlement or decree, a quitclaim deed typically is the instrument used to transfer that property interest. 

Unequal Rights For Children Born Out of Wedlock in Massachusetts

Record numbers of children in Massachusetts are being born out of wedlock, butHeart - peace sign.jpg few parents stop to understand the legal implications. Sociologists suggest the increased numbers of children being born out of wedlock is caused by an American attitude that marriage is less important than it once was.

Does Having a Criminal History Affect Child Custody in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, the degree to which the conduct of a parent can affect aCrime.jpgcustody award depends on many factors, and goes beyond whether or not a parent has a criminal conviction. Certain serious felonies and domestic violence weigh heavily against awarding custody, but evidence of parental fitness may overcome this.

How To Draft Parenting Plans To Avoid Potential Future Conflicts in Massachusetts

Massachusetts family law attorneys need to draft parenting plans with the utmostKids First.jpg care to make sure that uncertainty and ambiguity don't undermine the best intentions. A court-ordered parenting plan governs how parents will share the "care, custody and management of their child." What goes into a  plan is often the result of extensive negotiations and mediation.

Protections Available To Active Military Personnel During A Massachusetts Divorce

The Service members Civil Relief Act provides for a mandatory stay of at leastMilitary 20.jpg ninety days upon a proper request by a qualifying servicemember "the court may on its own motion and shall, upon application by the servicemember, stay the action for a period of not less than 90 days, if certain conditions are met.

What You Should Expect From Your Mediator During A Massachusetts Divorce

The mediator's role is to move the parties beyond personality clashes and historicMediate 2.jpg grievances. Only then can the mediator help you improve communication so any future dealings can take place without repeating the difficulties of the past.

Can I Withhold Parenting Time If the Other Parent Doesn't Pay Child Support in Massachusetts?

The unequivocal answer is "no." Under Massachusetts law, child support andFather - Son.jpg parenting time are separate matters and a parent's failure to pay child support is not a legal justification to deny or suspend visitation.

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