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May 2016 Archives

What to Tell the Kids When You Divorce in Massachusetts

Children 11.png"More than any words, it is the light that you are shining - or absence of it - that your children will remember. When parents are true to themselves, children learn honesty, self-respect, and inner peace." - Alan Cohen

When Is It Too Late to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts?

Clock 1.jpgIn some cases, a person may believe he can handle a divorce on his own without hiring an attorney. This may happen for any of a number of reasons:

Professional Licenses ARE NOT a Marital Asset in a Massachusetts divorce

Doctor.pngAn educational degree or professional license is not marital property in Massachusetts, even if it was earned during the marriage. There is no dollar amount assigned to it, which prevents a spouse from being compensated for the degree or license at divorce. However, the court does recognize disparities in earning potential and will consider it when dividing marital property.

Can You Be Forced to Move Out of Your House During a Massachusetts Divorce?

Moving out.pngOne question that is frequently asked is whether someone can put his/her spouse out of the home without his/her consent. When spouses cannot get along and at least one party realizes that they are headed toward separation or divorce, this issue must be addressed sooner or later.

How to Divorce a Narcissist in Massachusetts

Divorcing-a-Narcissist.jpgIn most cases, separating and getting divorced is hard, even under the best of circumstances. However, staying in a bad marriage can be even worse, particularly if your spouse is a narcissist. In psychological terms, narcissism refers to someone who is extremely selfish, who has a grandiose view of his/her own talents and a craving for admiration.

How to Make Divorce Easier in Massachusetts

Divorce 7.jpgMany people may promise to make the divorce process easier, but the truth is that only the parties themselves have the power to significantly make things easier on themselves and their children, shorter in duration, and less expensive.

Asking "WHY" - The Secret to Successful Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Mediation 9.jpgChoosing your battles wisely is an important strategy in all areas of life, including if you are in the process of divorce. Unfortunately, traditional divorce attorneys often neglect to give their clients this advice, encouraging them to fight for everything they say they want, regardless of how impractical, impossible or destructive it may be.

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