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How is Intellectual Property Divided in a Massachusetts Divorce

Spouses going through a Massachusetts divorce usually worry about howIntellectual property 2.jpg assets such as a house, car, or retirement accounts will be divided when the divorce is final. With information and technology becoming increasingly intertwined in evolving societal norms, however, intellectual property is equally becoming an important category of assets owned by a married couple. Intellectual property includes things such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

How Jealousy Is Good For Your Massachusetts Marriage

Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel in a MassachusettsJealousy.jpg relationship and, if we're not careful, it can rage completely out of control and do irreparable harm. The problem is, that feeling of jealousy and possessiveness is hard-wired into our survival instinct and the fear of losing our mate can trigger that.

What To Do If Your Massachusetts Spouse Works Too Much

Work has a way of, well, getting in the way. In any Massachusetts relationship, there are going toWork - Play.gif be nights, weekends, and even holidays, where one Massachusetts parent is forced to stay late at the office or spend the day behind the warm glow of a computer or phone screen. Recitals will be missed, dinner reservations will have to be canceled, family plans will have to be rearranged. These incidents, when isolated and spaced far apart, rarely have any long-term impact on a relationship and, after a few words and a mea culpa or two, tend to fade away.

Massachusetts Grandparents: Are You Being Denied Visitation Time?

Massachusetts grandparents enjoy a pretty solid reputation and for good reason.Living near grandparent.jpg They're praised in numerous studies for their positive influence on their grandchildren's development and often provide crucial, and cost-effective/free childcare for struggling parents. So it's generally accepted that families benefit when kids live close to their grandparents.

How to Use the Holidays to Teach Massachusetts Kids Emotional Intelligence

Massachusetts kids are more primed for receiving than giving as the year wears down. They'reGiving.jpg simply too hyped about Christmas and Hanukkah presents. Still, winter holidays tend to stress the virtue of giving, which require emotional intelligence-the ability to recognize someone else's emotions while managing one's own. That means the holiday season is the perfect time for parents to lean into lessons that help kids amp up their emotional intelligence, and have fun doing it.

How to Recognize Massachusetts Children with Attachment Based Narcissistic "Parental Alienation Syndrome"

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the unhealthy coalition betweenBrain works.jpg anarcissistic parent and his or her children against the targeted, non-narcissistic, non-abusive parent. The innocent or targeted parent receives hostility and rejection from his or her children in this system. The psychological health of the children is used as arsenal in the narcissist's twisted world.

How to "Let Go' of Unhealthy Massachusetts Relationships

Massachusetts relationships of any kind can be difficult to maintain at times. We can expect thereLet go.jpg to be up and downs that we may face. Because relationships require the interactions of more than one person, we cannot control various components.

8 Devious Tactics of Massachusetts Narcissists

Massachusetts narcissists use a range of covert and overt tactics to manipulate others. AsHis fault.jpg you read through the following list of methods used by narcissists, you may want to think of a narcissist in your present or past and identify if any of these tactics may have used on you.

How Massachusetts Men Lose the Respect of Their Wives, Kids, and Families

For many Massachusetts dads, buried deep beneath the joys and day-to-dayRespect.jpeg responsibilities of being a parent is the fear of losing their family's respect. No one wants to feel disappointment and resentment emanating from a child or spouse, or to feel ignored or dismissed by one's own family. A mild disrespectful phase is common when kids are in their teens, sure, but even young children can lose respect for a parent.

How to Communicate With Your Children After Massachusetts Divorce

It's no secret that one of the biggest challenges a parent faces after aCommunication 3.jpg Massachusetts divorce is staying in good communication with your children. Obviously all parents struggle with communication issues as their children grow, but children who have had their lives dramatically altered by separation or divorce need even more attention - and diligent observation by their parents.

8 Rights Every Child Deserves After a Massachusetts Divorce

For any parent going through a Massachusetts divorce or separation, it's notButterfly 4.jpg hard to get caught up in various dramas encountered throughout this transition. Moving homes, splitting assets, determining a parenting agreement, and coping with emotions is exhausting. While it might feel at times like you and your co-parent cannot agree on anything, there is at least one thing you must agree on: to keep your children and their well-being at the forefront of any decisions you make or actions you take during this time.

Red Flags That a Massachusetts Child is Playing Parents Against Each Other

It doesn't take some Massachusetts children very long to realize the advantages of playingRed Flag.jpg parents against each other to get what they want. After a few years of being on this earth, children start to realize that just because dad said no doesn't mean that mom will say no or vice versa.

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