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How to Protect Your Finances and Credit During a Massachusetts Divorce

Divorcing spouses in Massachusetts must take steps to protect their finances andDivorce 107.jpg credit early on in the divorce process. The impact of not doing do will last years after the ink on the divorce decree dries. In order to protect assets, income and credit, the following are steps that everyone going through a divorce must take.

Is There a Place for the Consulting Massachusetts Attorney in Divorce Mediation?

The answer is Yes! There are many reasons why consultingMediation 12.jpg Massachusetts attorneys help to create durable, practical agreements through the mediation process.

How to Introduce Massachusetts Kids to Their New Second Home After Parents Divorce

A Massachusetts divorce can be a long process, with a lot of complicated feelings,Children Puzzle.jpg but there's still a chance to avoid the worst acrimony of the situation, particularly when it comes to raising a child between two separate households. Introducing a child to the new reality of a two-home lifestyle is tricky. And doing so gracefully requires a strong foundation of cooperation between parents who've moved their separate ways.

How to Create a Positive Atmosphere During Supervised Parenting Time in Massachusetts

Supervised parenting time allows parents to build healthy foundations for futureJoy 1.jpg relationships with their Massachusetts children, and offers opportunities for healing past issues in a safe environment. Because of the importance of supervised parenting time, parents may end up feeling as if their entire relationship with their children is riding on how these parenting times progress. It's no wonder that the hours, or even days, leading up to parenting time can be filled with fretting about what to do or what to say.

What Massachusetts Divorcing Spouses Need To Know About Real Estate And Real Estate Appraisals

When you're divorcing in Massachusetts, one of the questions curious friends andHome Appraisal.jpg family eventually ask is, "So . . . are you going to keep the house?"

What A Massachusetts Divorcing Woman Needs To Know About Her Husband's Cash-Based Business

The goal of your Massachusetts divorce process is not only to put a legal$ bag.jpg end to your marriage so that you can move on with your life. The goal of your divorce process must also include the negotiation a fair settlement agreement, so that when you do move on, you'll have a financial footing that's as firm as possible.

Benefits of Adopting a Stepchild in Massachusetts Who Has an Absent Parent

Many studies document the negative effects of Massachusetts divorce on children, Family 34.jpgbut having two parents who stay involved with their children can minimize many of these effects. However, if one parent is willingly absent, a stepparent adoption can provide many benefits to both parents and children.

Have a Problem Affording a Massachusetts Divorce Attorney? Try Limited Assistance Representation!

To some litigants in Massachusetts divorce proceedings, it is tempting to believeDivorce court.jpg that as long as you have the truth on your side, it is not necessary to hire a divorce lawyer to represent your interests. A litigant might be well educated, articulate and armed with a list of favorable facts supporting his interests. He may be confident that he can convincingly argue to a judge why he would make a better custodial parent and why due to his marital contribution he deserves the lion's share of the marital property. After all, who can possibly know and explain facts about his marriage better than he does?

Protecting Child Custody for Massachusetts Military Servicemembers

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act was passed at the start of World War II toMilitary 29.jpg provide legal protection to those serving in the military. Congress later passed the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act (SCRA) in 2003 to update the original legislation in order to better reflect modern times.
SCRA law recognizes that servicemembers, like all other U.S. residents, may become involved in civil conflict or family law, often by filing for divorce or being served divorce papers. However, when legal conflict arises, it is particularly difficult for these servicemembers to protect their legal rights when they are involved in training, deployed on assignment, or otherwise required to focus all of their energies on national defense.

10 Ways a Massachusetts Divorce Can Affect Your Credit

A Massachusetts divorce can have an impact on your credit, though the Debt 4.jpgproceedings themselves are not the reason for this. In other words, couples shouldn't expect their credit scores to plummet the second they file for divorce. However, there are things that occur during divorce that can have a negative impact on credit.

Can I Lose Custody of My Child Because of Their Sports Activities in Massachusetts?

When a parent is awarded custody of their child during a Massachusetts divorce,Football.jpg whether it is legal or physical custody, they probably aren't terribly concerned about having the court intervene over which sports the child may play one day.

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