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September 2016 Archives

Tax Deduction for Legal Fees Regarding Alimony/Spousal Support in a Massachusetts Divorce

Tax deductiion.jpgGenerally, you cannot deduct legal fees for divorce, custody and other related matters for a Massachusetts divorce. However, the IRS permits a deduction for the legal advice you received from your lawyer relating to alimony/spousal support.

Marital Home Tax Issues in a Massachusetts Divorce

Homestead.jpg When both spouses use the marital home as their primary residence in Massachusetts for two out of the last five years prior to the time of the sale of the residence, each spouse may take up to $250,000 as an exclusion of any potential gain when the property is sold.

Military Pension Clauses: Fixed Dollar vs. Fixed Percentage

Military 5.jpgOften a Massachusetts military client will ask the lawyer to find out the best way to divide a retired pay so that the former spouse receives as little as possible. This client is specifically requesting that a fixed dollar be awarded to the former spouse.

Requests for Admissions: An Underutilized Tool in a Massachusetts Divorce

Admit - Deny.jpgRequests for admission are very valuable yet underutilized tool in a Massachusetts Divorce. They're one of the best techniques to create admissible evidence for summary judgment and trial.

In a Massachusetts Divorce, Who Pays the Attorney Fees?

Divorce War.jpgA Massachusetts divorce has many costs, not the least of which are the attorney fees incurred by each party. But it's not always the incurring party who has to foot his or her attorney's bills.

Hiding Assets, Spending, and Dissipation in a Massachusetts Divorce

Property Division 1.jpgMarital asset dissipation is an issue during a Massachusetts divorce when one spouse has given away or transferred or mismanaged marital property.

Men Without Full-Time Jobs Are 33% More Likely to Divorce

Unemployed.jpgWhat causes marriages to crumble in Massachusetts? Each couple is a little different of course, but are there specific work and financial pressures that seem to have a bigger effect on the soundness of any given union than another?

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