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April 2016 Archives

How to Handle High Conflict Parenting Situations in Massachusetts

Fighting in front of children.jpgEnding a relationship with a partner who is prone to conflict can be challenging on many levels. If you have kids together, one of the biggest difficulties will be figuring out how to forge a working co-parenting relationship.

Does Your Child Need Therapy After Your Divorce in Massachusetts?

Child Therapy.jpgIf you're going through a divorce or about to begin the process and have children, one of your top concerns will likely be the impact it will have on the kids. You may be worried about what signs to watch for and what behaviors signal that your child is experiencing problems that may require professional help.

How Does Willful Underemployment Impact Child Support in Massachusetts?

Looking for a job.jpgIn determining a Massachusetts child support obligation, the first factor to be considered is the gross incomes of both parents. In determining a parties gross income, the court will consider whether willful underemployment or unemployment is being attempted by either parent. In other words, either parent is capable of earning more money than they currently do. 

Why Divorce Mediation Works in Massachusetts!

Mediation 6.jpgMediation is a powerful process when done through a skilled mediator. In divorce, most individuals get caught up with their "position" on certain issues and what they believe needs to take place in order to satisfy their needs. Often times, the "positions" taken by the parties are contradictory to one another. This leaves parties with the impression that only one of them can "win" on any given issue.

Who Pays for a Child's Health Insurance in Massachusetts?

Health Insurance Form.jpgEvery Massachusetts child support order includes a provision regarding health insurance. This provision, sometimes referred to as medical child support, can require a parent to provide health insurance for as long as the child is considered a dependent.

Infographic: How Will Children React to Divorce

When the parents of a child get divorced in Massachusetts, the resulting instability can be difficult for a child to adapt to. To some extent, it is normal for a child to be upset, and you should expect minor behavioral or mood issues in your child.

Can Fathers Win Child Custody Cases in Massachusetts?

Father and son.jpgToday, fathers can stand on equal footing with mothers in contested custody cases in Massachusetts. However, there are things that dads can do to help and to hurt their chances in a custody case.

Changing Child Support to Reflect Time Spent with Children

Parenting plan.jpgEven if parents have joint physical custody, child support can still be ordered. This is because the purpose of child support is to ensure the children are adequately provided for regardless of where they reside.

Who Owns the Engagement Ring After a Breakup in Massachusetts?

Engagement Ring.jpgIn Massachusetts, an engagement ring is considered a conditional gift, given on the condition that the couple gets married. The normal expectation is that if the engagement is broken and the wedding doesn't occur, then the ring will be returned.

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