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May 2017 Archives

The Dangers of a Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Massachusetts

Massachusetts family law attorneys help people with their divorces and also withThumbnail image for DIY Divorce 1.jpg issues that may arise after a divorce. Resolution of post divorce issues is governed by the Marital Settlement Agreement (divorce agreement), which contains both parties' rights and responsibilities regarding financial and child related issues. 

Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Law: Best Practices For Landlords

In December 2016, the recreational use of marijuana became legal Marijuana 5.jpgin Massachusetts. The new law will affect the legal relationship between landlords and tenants and will likely result in disputes as to what can and cannot be done with respect to cultivating, growing and using marijuana in and around rental property.

3 Myths Surrounding Child Custody in Massachusetts Debunked

When it comes to child custody arrangements in Massachusetts, there areChildren.jpg numerous myths that typically affect a parent's rationale. Working out your divorce or paternity case custody related arrangement based on such myths can not only leave you unduly stressed, but also influencing an unfavorable final decision.

Consider "the Right of First Refusal" When Crafting a Parenting Plan in Massachusetts

The "right of first refusal" in Massachusetts family law cases is a court Mediation 2.jpgordered right between the parents, that provides "Parent A" the option to care for a child during "Parent B's" designated time, when "Parent A" is otherwise unavailable.

Fathers: Overnight Parenting Time Essential in Establishing Bonds Between Father and Child

There's new research proving beyond doubt that children of separated parents inFathers Day.jpg Massachusetts regardless of their age benefit greatly from overnight parenting time with both parents.

Military Families: Do Not Overlook Post 9/11 G.I. Education Benefits

A recent survey conducted by Blue Star Families, found that the Post 9/11 G.I. BillMilitary 9.jpg education benefit remains the top benefit and powerful retention tool for military families. In 2016, 78% of service members either transferred or planned to transfer to a spouse or child this benefit as opposed to 76% in 2015 and 66% in 2014. 

How Can a Guardian ad Litem Help My Massachusetts Case

A guardian ad litem provides information and assistance to courts in disputesGuardian ad Litem.jpg relating to family or probate matters.

Can Child Support Be Modified Retroactively - Maybe?

Massachusetts law is clear that child support judgments are not subject toCan child support be modified.png retroactive modification expect with respect to any period during there is pending a complaint for modification.

Why Pay Child Support in Massachusetts?

In a divorce or paternity case in Massachusetts where children are involved, childChild Support 7.jpg support is a matter that typically needs to be addressed. Who will pay child support, how that parent will pay, and how will these payments be used are just a few thoughts that parents will likely have.

How to Divide an IRA in a Massachusetts Divorce

IRAs accumulated during a Massachusetts marriage may be considered marital property, evenIRA.jpg though the account is in the name of only one spouse. During a Massachusetts divorce, all or a portion of one spouse's IRA may be awarded to the other spouse as part of the division of marital property. Since early distributions from IRAs result in tax liability and, possibly, additional penalties, knowing the requirements for a tax-free transfer due to a divorce can save a large sum of money.

How Soon Can You Remarry After a Divorce in Massachusetts?

When one or both spouses in Massachusetts come to the realization that a divorceWedding 2.jpg is necessary, the last thing either party wants is a time-consuming court process, especially if one or both spouses is looking to remarry. In Massachusetts, the law requires certain waiting periods to be observed, depending on whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

Come Together, Right Now, and Mediate Your Massachusetts Divorce!

Divorce mediation in Massachusetts has become a widely accepted way ofMediation 4.jpg resolving disputes because it works. Mediators report that typically 85-95 percent of mediated cases result in a settlement, often with an investment of one or two sessions. Among the advantages of mediation is that it fully engages the most important players.

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