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Who Cheats on Their Spouse More in Massachusetts? Men Or Women

In general, men are more likely than women to cheat: 20% of men and 13% of women reported that they've had sex with someone other than their spouse while married, according to data from the recent General Social Survey (GSS).

What Happens When You Tell Massachusetts Kids They're Just Like Dad

You have your mother's eyes, your father's temperament, your grandfather's wayChildren 29.jpg with language, and your grandmother's personality - or maybe not. It's possible those claims, echoing through the course of your childhood, became a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's all part of the nature vs nurture debate, a story that is often oversimplified in child development by making broad generational comparisons. And those comparisons can be misleading, if not downright damaging, precisely because they conflate fate and genetics.

Tenant Screening Tips for Massachusetts Landlords

If you already have some experience as a Massachusetts rental property ownerApartment building 1.jpg under your belt, you should support the argument that finding good renters is a crucial aspect of protecting your business. Great tenants will abide by your policies, pay rent on time, and treat your property with care.

High Energy, High Cost Massachusetts Parenting Isn't What Kids Need

A full 75 percent of parents believe the ideal form of parenting is hands-on, high-Sports 4.jpgenergy, and high-cost, according to a new study from Cornell University. The study, which queried parents from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, found that a large majority of parents believe the best parenting tactics are those in which the parent is very, very involved with their child. That involvement includes facilitating extracurricular activities, playing with children at home and discussing, rather than punishing,
But as good as that sounds, this shift towards a norm of intensive parenting may actually have a harmful effect on families and the development of children. Because high-effort parenting leaves little time for play, imagination, and self-directed exploration, all qualities crucial to raising healthy productive adults.

In order to find how parents viewed two distinct styles of parenting, researchers brought in a diverse range of parents from a wide variety of backgrounds. These parents were exposed to various scenarios depicting one of two types of parenting.

Wife's Illness Increases Risk of a Massachusetts Divorce

Serious illness may increase a couple's chances for divorce but only when wivesHealth - Well Being.jpg get sick according to a growing body of research. As much as the risk of dissolution depends on the how strong the relationship is and the disease that they're diagnosed with, studies show that when women have health problems, their marriages are less likely to survive than when men fall ill.

The Massachusetts "Father Effect"

It's worth being an involved Massachusetts dad. Children with active fathers avoid risky sex, hold down high-paying jobs, have superior IQs, and are less likely to break the law or drop out of school. There's ample research out there on The Massachusetts Father Effect. Here's a breakdown of how it works.

6 Trouble Signs to Look Out For When Co-Parenting With Your Massachusetts Ex

Once the smoke has cleared from your Massachusetts divorce, former spousesYoung Children.jpg have to go about the business of figuring out how to be co-parents. In a perfect world, they'd be able to work together, setting aside their differences and keeping the best interests of the kids first and foremost in their minds. And, in most cases, that's what happens. But, there are instances where a healthy collaboration between exes just isn't possible.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Arguing With Your Massachusetts Spouse

First comes love, then comes a Massachusetts marriage , and then comes the Anger.jpginevitable really stupid fight you keep having over who threw whom under the carriage last time you went over to that person's place for that thing. Spats with your significant other - there are infinite varieties are unavoidable. But they don't have to be so bruising or so frequent, according to relationship therapists. In a recent study, therapists studied couples by filming them during a fight and then doing video microanalysis (a slow-motion, frame-by-frame examination of the footage) to see what's really going on.

The Scientific Ways Older Massachusetts Dads and Young Dads Are Different

An increasing number of Massachusetts men are choosing to delay parenthood.Father and child.jpgThere are clear scientifically-backed advantages that come with that. However, there are plenty of mental and physical health problems older Massachusetts dads may put their children at risk for, a growing amount of research shows.

How to Balance Two Careers in a Massachusetts Marriage Without Losing Yourselves

Modern life in Massachusetts often leads to less quality time between spouses. WeCareerDevelopment.jpg work more. We stress more. We have less time for date nights or dinners together. It's no wonder, then, that the idea of couples in which both partners have busy, full-time careers and also a solid relationship seems like something found only in '90s sitcoms. As two-career households become more and more common, however, it's more necessary than ever for spouses to learn how to balance career, family, marriage, and the thousand to-do lists all require. It's a spinning plates act, sure. And it undoubtedly comes with a lot of stress. But there is a way to make it far more manageable.

Depression in New Massachusetts Dads Is Linked to Depression in Teenage Daughters

At least five percent of new Massachusetts fathers suffer clinical depression in thTeen Girl.jpge first few weeks of parenthood, according to a new study. And dad's depression may have long-term impacts on the family. Researchers have found that fathers who fight postnatal depression are more likely to raise daughters who, by age 18, were battling depression themselves. Though it's not entirely clear how this unfortunate inheritance is passed along, new data indicates a strong correlation.

How to Save Your Massachusetts Marriage While You're Still in it

Statistically speaking, your marriage is in trouble. The numbers aren't on yourMarriage 6.jpg side, with 53 percent of Massachusetts marriages ending in divorce. Add another ten percent to that to account for the marriages that have failed but the couples remain together for the kids or for religious reasons.

Couples Therapy: Signs You and Your Massachusetts Partner Should Go

Couples therapy gets a bad rap, with many believing it's a last-ditch effort. But it'sCounseling.jpg not. Just as your car needs a tune-up after so many miles, so too does your relationship. The licensed professionals work with Massachusetts couples to help resolve conflict and increase satisfaction by gaining an understanding of their dynamic.

Why Marrying Out of Your League Could Increase Risk of a Massachusetts Divorce

Men who marry women who are out of their league that is, significantly moreDivorce 65.jpeg attractive than they are may have less committed wives and a higher risk of a Massachusetts divorce, experts say. A variety of research suggests that couples who do not match one another in their approximate levels of physical attractiveness tend to have less successful romantic relationships.

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